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rage STUFF up

Um .... rage are replaying the rage goes retro 3 morning episode when Hitscene and Countdown 1986 should be on

Re: rage STUFF up

I went to bed after the 2nd Countdown Revolution episode, but noticed when skimming through the rest of the recording (haven't watched it yet) that they repeated some of the clips from the 10:30-11:30 segment on Saturday morning, which I found odd. It looks like they still aired the 1986 Countdown though afterwards.

Re: rage STUFF up

Gentlemen, I'm in Bali and have set the DVD recorder to record till 6:15am. Please tell me they fit the two episodes in before.

Re: rage STUFF up

They didnt show the first Hitscene at all, it was replaced by material ex the Saturday morning segment - as we were around 10 minutes behind in Melbourne I assumed it was because of soccer running late but looks as though the show didnt get seen anywhere around the country, even Perth so could have been technical issues or anything.

The 1986 Countdown was on as scheduled. The second Hitscene was shown, again the ABC buggered up the transmission date, it was the show dated 14/11/70 but it has never been seen since transmission so cannot complain. It is a better show than 05/12 anyway!!

That Countdown Revolution is so dull, couldnt they have found some better shows that at least had some studio performances of some sort. I am afraid the 1986 Countdown also lacked that. The Hush special was a good little documentary ex film sources, not sure if Antenna has enough musical performances to be anything but a passing interest but still far preferable to that Recovery crapola which we can be grateful has not made an appearance at all this Summer (fingers crossed it doesnt, in fact I would be grateful never to see another second of that garbage!!)

Overall nothing to get excited about but we still have 2 weeks to go so looking forward to what else they dig out.

Re: rage STUFF up

Frank FM
Gentlemen, I'm in Bali and have set the DVD recorder to record till 6:15am. Please tell me they fit the two episodes in before.

They did.

edit - oh, I thought you meant the 2 Countdowns.

Re: rage STUFF up

I don't know what all the fuss is about, is anyone else on here from Sydney, or am I the only one? Everything looked fine from this end.

I was up and they finished the Hitscene episode right on the dot - 6:00 am. I stopped my DVD recorder, and then started breaking up all the segments, so I can then push them off to seperate DVDs. While going through it all, I didn't notice anything missing, though suspected a second hitscene as I vaguely seeing such on the rage program schedule, but way before my time, so no real loss. :)

Re: rage STUFF up

Come on Rage get your act together.

Like you said Brett, the playlist was the incorrect Hitscene episode as it was displayed as "HITSCENE December 5th, 1970.

The original date according to Guru Bob's run-sheet was Ep 72 Nov 14 1970. At least it seen the light of day in almost 45 years and I hope next weekend they show more especially from 1972 when Whitlam came into office.

Please no more Countdown Revolution as these were boring.

Re: rage STUFF up

Hi Mark,

Nah, just the Hitscene programmed for 3.30am-odd didn't make it - it was replaced with clips from the saturday morning. The second one at 5.30am was fine. Sydney here too :)

Re: rage STUFF up

Overall this has so far been the worse week of Rage Retro Month for me. While I enjoyed seeing Wendy & The Rocketts, Marc Hunter & Olivia on the 1981 Countdown apart from that show and the "A Big Country" Hush special, Sharon O'Neill "Power" music clip which I already had from "Sounds" not to mention seeing a young Kylie Minogue on "Countdown Revolution" most of the night to me seem an absolute waste. Not to mention the stuff-up with the extra 10min late start and then repeating the previous Saturday classic morning clips I was overall very disappointed. I like to see Antenna but like others I think it would be better suited to a whole night during the year like they did with Recovery last year and not part of Retro Month when there are still a number of complete Countdown & Rock Arena shows that can be played that are specifically music oriented. I don't mind Countdown Revolution but please play the 1989 series as it was much more interesting and had much better live in house studio performances by a number of Aussie acts. By 1990 it was ready to face the chopping block anyway. Play the 1989 shows please if you have to show any of these shows. I hope next week they make up for this week's selection in a very big way and **** off the football. Air it on Saturday afternoon rather than the night when it eats into Rage Retro Month airtime. Was nice to see one Hitscene although I have a feeling this episode has been played once before as much of the clips Shocking Blue & Carpenters look familiar. C'mon Rage the first two weeks were fantastic. Please get your act together next week. No repeats of stuff that has already been played in Retro Month.

Re: rage STUFF up

I knew with the Soccer running overtime, the programming was going to get cut. So, I can understand that a 30min Hitscene was removed to make up the time and insert a couple of videos. Sorry to some of you guys here, but I was so glad it was Hitscene that got cut. So, I can't blame rage for what they did, blame the ABC. Who knows, maybe this episode might rear its head on ABC3 this week.

Re: rage STUFF up

Lazing back on another hot Sydney day, I had more of a chance to find what little treasures we captured last night in our digital museums, underneath our TV sets. Going to go into some further info here. That particular ep of Hitscene wasn't too bad actually, generally good songs like the carpenters, but gotta cringe at the quality of the kinoscopes they used back then.

Fantastic job on the Countdowns, though I haven't seen them through their entirety yet, the October 1981 ep looks like a real buzz, can't wait to see this one all the way through. Like wise with the March 1986 ep, like the profile they did on the Fine Young Canniballs, and the egg throwing at molly during humdrum.

Countdown Revolting.......... sorry Countdown Revolution, I think I said it all with the opening words. The actual music of the period was still great to listen to, but WTF where is this guy from (I think) actor from Neighbours? He carries on like an absolute moron, and honest to god is one of the biggest imbeciles I've seen on television.

I thought maybe he might of just been a guest presenter on the Feb 1990 ep, but also saw him on the Mar 1990 and April 1990 eps. I now remember why I went off countdown completely in 1990. Like Scott noted above, the 1989 eps are the ones I remember still being reasonably good, no wonder the ABC killed this show in 1990, it was time!

Re: rage STUFF up

The 1981 Daryl/Ozzie episode was great - except Daryl's attempt at being a pop singer. It's interesting that a few years later Molly would be on Daryl's show - his humdrum segment on Hey Hey.

I agree about Countdown Revolution - there was some good music from that period but it was light years away from 1982. And Mark Little (Joe from Neighbours) was a very ordinary host. However I did enjoy the bit where random girls were reviewing albums from their home.

Re: rage STUFF up

It's time for Brett (2) and Dave to get on Facebook and plead for the Hitscene that was axed to be shown during the week. It could be possible for them to replace the other Hitscene which is scheduled to be shown. They do sometimes listen to these requests.

The Antenna's were a big disappointment. After last week's great Uncanny X-Men special I thought they had a few more music orientated episodes. I don't understand the purpose of playing those episodes with the material that was on them.