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Albert Productions Celebrating 50th Birthday

On the 15th of August Albert Productions will be releasing a 5 disc set titled Good Times: Celebrating 50yrs of Albert Productions.

It features tracks from artists like ACDC, TMG, William Shakespeare, JPY just to name a few it is a 102 track collection.

Adam W

Re: Albert Productions Celebrating 50th Birthday

I have this compilation from the mid 90's. Back then it was a 2 disc set. So it will be interesting to see what's on the other 3 CD's and the artwork cover.

Re: Albert Productions Celebrating 50th Birthday

I also have that 2 cd set "good times" celebrating 30 years in '94. Also, in early '89 i bought good times celebrating 25 years on dbl cassette. The only diiference with the 30 year set was the addition of "show no mercy".

Re: Albert Productions Celebrating 50th Birthday

Just letting you know that disc 4 on this 5 disc set is faulty. Track 21 Street Fighting Man by Rose Tattoo is just white noise. Be sure that you get a replacement disc, like I did from JB HI-FI.

Re: Albert Productions Celebrating 50th Birthday

I was upset they missed out Set Me Free by Soffrok. The only copy I have is on the 1972 20 Chartstoppers LP and it would have been nice to get a pristine, digitally restored version on CD. I wasn't too keen on the live CD and the inclusion of Evie twice. I wasn't too keen on Evie when it originally came out, either. The only part of it I liked a small bit was the third part, I'm Losing You. The song, or suite, acted as a long roadblock on our local radio station. For twelve and a half minutes we had to sit through it and there was no other station to switch to.