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Vale Doc Neeson

Really sad to hear just now that Doc Neeson of the Angels has died after a long battle with brain cancer.
Recently saw him on Australian Story in early May - he said then he probably only had a few months to live. He looked really ill.

An iconic, charismatic frontman in his day - the Angels were an integral part of the Aussie pub rock scene in the late 70s/80s.

Re: Vale Doc Neeson

Same here. I'll definitely be giving 'Howling' a spin over the week.

Re: Vale Doc Neeson

I wonder if Rage will air some kind of tribute... presumably so, but it will be interesting to see if it's just a couples of videos (or maybe even one!), an hour or so on Saturday morning, or a full-blown special.

Re: Vale Doc Neeson

I would think they'll do a full special, with an extensive selection of Angels/Doc clips and interviews.
Might take them a while to put it together though.

Like them or not , Doc and the Angels have been one of the most high profile/well known Aus bands, especially throughout the late 70s and 80s.

Re: Vale Doc Neeson

They have given a 90min slot on Saturday morning. The Factory and GTK clips should be good to see.

THE ANGELS Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? (EMI)
THE FACTORY 'Cobwebs' featuring The Angels, June 18th, 1988 (Rage)


THE ANGELS Look The Other Way (Mushroom)
THE ANGELS Easy Prey (Albert Productions)
THE ANGELS Marseilles (Live on GTK) (EMI)
THE ANGELS Dogs Are Talking (Festival)
THE ANGELS Some Of That Love (Festival)
THE ANGELS The Nature Of The Beast (Polydor)
THE ANGELS Take A Long Line (Albert Productions)


THE ANGELS Caught In The Night (Shock)
THE ANGELS Don't Waste My Time (Albert Productions)
THE ANGELS Face The Day (Mushroom)
THE ANGELS Live Lady Live (Festival)
THE ANGELS Underground (Festival)
COUNTDOWN Interview with Doc Neeson, July 13th, 1980 (Rage)
THE ANGELS No Secrets (Live at the Countdown Awards, 1983) (Epic)


THE ANGELS Shadow Boxer (Albert Productions)
THE ANGELS We've Got to Get Out Of This Place (Mushroom)

Re: Vale Doc Neeson

Thanks Guru.
Yes, those Factory and GTK segments should be interesting.

Disappointing not to see a clip for 'Out of The Blue' in there - probably my favourite Angels song.