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Rage Message Board Gone

Just checked out the Rage website to discover they have have given it a complete makeover.
Unfortunately it appears that the long standing Rage messageboard is a casualty of this makeover as it's nowhere to be seen.

Writing was on the wall really, with the advent of Facebook and Twitter and they have only very infrequently been updating the Messageboard for a while now.

Still, quite sad, as it marks the end of an era.
The old Rage guestbook in particular used to be really active and vibrant back in its heyday.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

THAT S U X ! ! ! ! !

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

I do not like the whole make over either, YUUUUUCK!

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

It looks like they are phasing it out but you can still access it here:


Obviously it will just vanish as with the old forum which you could access for a while before they shut it down. It's not much use if there is no link to it.

I don't do Facebook or Twitter so this will probably be the end of communicating with Rage for me. Hope they keep playing Countdown.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Jesus, they even have a bloody ABC1 watermark on the main page! Horrible!

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

I don't like the makeover at all. The previous layout was much easier on the eyes. All I see is WHITE now.

I'm not surprised at the message board phase-out They were updating it less than once a month recently anyway... but still sad to see it gone.

I don't like the rage Facebook page at all. It's full of viewers who seem to hardly ever watch the show anyway (e.g. requesting clips they ALWAYS play/guest programmers always choose), and it's difficult to follow conversations when you have to trawl back through hundreds of replies.

Can we officially say now that Gen Y have taken over rage?

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

I asked on the message board (thanks for the link, Guru) what the forthcoming 1% Special is, and while they've actually now posted it, there's no moderator reply.

Another thing I don't like about the Facebook page is that rage only seem to ask for suggestions for specials etc. during the week in which the special airs... which doesn't leave much time for them to (hopefully) consider looking through their library/archives to find something that isn't common-as-muck

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

OMG even worse is that the playlist archive now only goes back to 2007!

And there's no 'coming up' section either on which specials/artists are guest programming!

W T F?

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

You can still access archived playlists here, thankfully....


Interestingly, they've also updated the submissions page:

"If you have created or are the rights holder for an original music video that you would like to submit to Rage for consideration, please complete the form below, including a link to where your video can be viewed online. We will contact you if we need to obtain a broadcast-quality version of your work."

Coincidentally, I was recently discussing with a fellow rage-viewer friend whether they still required digital Betacam SP tapes for submissions.

Interesting that they ask for a l i n k (I think it's picking up that word as spam... edit - yes it was! It published once I modified that word) of where the video can be viewed. Does this mean that Rage will soon be airing videos sourced from youtube (if they aren't already)?

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Just noticed this on the message board:

"Author ABC (Moderator)
Date/Time 28 May 2014 4:22:27pm
Subject Message Board Closure
We'd like to thank everybody for their participation on this message board and encourage people to migrate conversation over to our Rage Facebook page. Thank you! laugh"

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Yeah, I'm not liking the new makeover either.
Way too much white and sux that they've abandoned the 'Coming Up' section.

At least they had the decency to acknowledge the closing of the messageboard, I guess.

Like Guru, I don't do Facebook or Twitter so I guess that's the end of my contact,(in the form of suggestions,ideas for Specials,etc),with Rage.
A real shame .... but it was only a matter of time.

Yes, as you say, Nathan, most of the posts on their Facebook page are pretty shallow and uninspiring overall.

"Can we officially say now that Gen Y have taken over Rage?"

You bet ! Enough to make us 'long term' Rage viewers feel just that little bit old and obsolete, hey?

Am looking forward to The Primitive Calculators this weekend though - should be an interesting playlist.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Sorry this is off topic but didn't think it was worth starting up a new thread...

Anyone going to see Gary Numan in Sydney or Melb this weekend?
Love his latest album, Splinter.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone


I too noticed that the archives only go back to 2007! And there is no playlist for 2mor, it's HORRRRIBLE!

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

You can view Saturday night's playlist here:


But no Friday night or Saturday morning yet...

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

I tried to reply to this post yesterday but all I got was 'spam detected' so I gave up. Anyway, in agreement with all that's been said.

Those people that aren't on facebook, start up an account with an alias name etc. Works for me.

Now, time to look at this s h i t t y rage website...

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

FFS, I keep getting the spam thing here too now.

I thought it was using the word l i n k, but even when I used spaces, I got blocked again.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Friday night & Saturday morning playlists are available on iPad, but still not on the website.

There's an hour of 90's stuff from 9 until about 10:05, though all common as muck stuff, though a handful of clips rage haven't aired for a while, like Goo Goo Dolls 'Iris' and Toni Childs 'Many Rivers To Cross'. Nothing to get excited over though.

I guess that common as muck stuff is all the current presumably Gen Y rage team know/remember of the 90s.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

Goo Goo Dolls 'Slide' s h i t s over 'Iris'. 'Iris' was the crappiest song that went to No.1, by a crappy movie that I won't even give a look in.

Re: Rage Message Board Gone

I commented on the Facebook page about how viewers only find out who the next guest programmer/what the next special is a couple of days before it airs, at best, since the website 'upgrade'... which doesn't leave much time to make suggestions/for rage to find those videos in their library/archives.

Anyway, 'rage' replied today that the Coming Up section is still there on the smartphone app.

As I only have a dumbphone, I asked a friend to look it up for me. He said that it still only has up to Jun 28 on the 'Coming Up' section . It's like they truly don't give a f u c k anymore.