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Desert Island Discs

OK, the forum has been a bit boring of late, so I thought I'd give it a kick up the **** and create this topic.

Basically, if you were to be stranded on a desert island, what 10 albums would you take with you?

They cannot be Greatest Hits/Best Of's albums.

I'll post mine very soon.


Re: Desert Island Discs

On an Australian desert island,I'd take (for now)...

Gossip-Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls
Stoneage Romoes-Hoodoo Gurus
Place Without A Postcard-Midnight Oil
Cats & Dogs-Mental As Anything
Blind Ear-The Celibate Rifles
Highway To Hell-AC/DC
Radios Appear-Radio Birdman
Don't Throw Stones-The Sports
Self-titled-The Sunnyboys
Starfish-The Church

On an overseas desert island,I'd take (for now)...

Rumours-Fleetwood Mac
Love Junk-The Pursuit Of Happiness
New York-Lou Reed
Lifes Rich Pageant-R.E.M.
Tim-The Replacements
Physical Graffiti-Led Zeppelin
More Songs About Buildings & Food-Talking Heads
Never Mind The B o l l o c k s,Here's The Sex Pistols-The Sex Pistols
Reckless-Bryan Adams

Re: Desert Island Discs

Hi John, looks like you took the easy way out.

I know it's very hard to pick 10, Generally speaking for me, the choices here doesn't necessarily mean that you're a fan of the artist and have most or all of their albums, but the album struck a chord. I'll give it a go:

Noiseworks - Noisworks (1987)
Belinda - Belinda Carlisle (1986)
Revenge - Eurythmics (1986)
Reckless - Bryan Adams (1985)
My Love Is Your Love - Whitney Houston (199 (don't know why it keeps inserting a smiley face when I type in '8'?)
Tuesday Night Music Club - Sheryl Crow (1994)
Sons Of Beaches - Australian Crawl (1982)
So - Peter Gabriel (1986)
Whiplash Smile - Billy Idol (1986)
Escapade - Tim Finn (1983)

There you go, bloody hard, and I know I've missed a ****load. Very mixed I know, but that's what being a fan of music is about, diversity! My favourite genre is actually Oz/Kiwi bands of the early 80's.

Re: Desert Island Discs

Since I put in my 10 for both desert islands,I've already had a change of heart.I'd replace More Songs About Buildings And Food and Physical Graffiti with Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses and Pump by Aerosmith for the overseas one and with the Australian one,I'd take out Starfish and The Sunnyboys self-titled and replace them with Listen Like Thieves by INXS and The Boys Light Up by Australian Crawl.

Re: Desert Island Discs

Yeah, I thought it was a bit strange that you didn't include Australian Crawl in your Oz Top 10. "The Boys Light Up" would have been my other pick if if couldn't choose "Sons Of Beaches", but for me I like the reworking of "Downhearted", "Midlife Crisis" (my fave non single release) and "Dianne".

Re: Desert Island Discs

Michael, the 8) thing happens when you type this (minus the space in between) - 8 )

It's been ages since I listened to an album all the way through. I tend to stick with home-made compilation CD's or individual mp3 files these days. I have tried compiling such a list years ago, and best of's/greatest hits compilations probably made up about 40% of it.