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Rage Start Time

Well guys, it doesn't look like there will be 6 Countdown this weekend. Rage doesn't start until 12:35 o Saturday, how ridiculous.

There were 2 Countdowns shown by 12:30 last weekend.

Re: Rage Start Time

Yes, postponed due to a hockey match (or some other such sports drivel)

Re: Rage Start Time

I've got no idea why ABC continue to do this. Now that Australia is all digital only TV surely there's now no excuse to continue cutting Rage's starting times, particularly during retro month, and with that being the case, hockey could've very easily found a home on ABC2 instead. The case now for Countdown, Rock Arena and others to be shown on channels outside of ABC1 and Rage is now stronger than it ever was.

Re: Rage Start Time

Yep, frustrating I know, but we're preaching to the converted. The powers that run radio and television in this country are very set in their ways. Still though, four countdowns would certainly be much much better then nothing. :) I believe the ABC missed out on the cricket rights, I heard something to that effect back in August, I remember LOL when I heard the news, because I absolutely HATE cricket.

Re: Rage Start Time

It's such a joke. ABC3 has a station close from 9:01pm. But rather than switch the hockey to that channel, they'd rather interrupt rage. What morons are in charge of the ABC's programming decisions?

Re: Rage Start Time

They should just stick all music shows (new and old) on ABC3. OK it's a kids channel, but kids like music too.