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Question about Digital Reception Boosters?

Watched the retro clips this morning, and aside from Pseudo Echo's "Funky Town" for the umteenth million time, they were some great clips I haven't got yet. I think either my reception screwed up twice, first during Pseudo Echo's "Listening" and then again with "Fooled again", but I'm very, very sure I have these videos already, so no great disaster.

So first, if anyone else did tape this segment of Rage this morning, could they please confirm if this was the case, and if not, then I'm affraid I'm at the horrifying mercy of my reception again in the Shire.

So with that in mind, I spoke to a rep from JB Hifi, Westfield Pitt Street store, and he reckons that Digital reception boosters do bugger all. I live in units, so I can't really do anything about the antenna, which is on top of the fourth floor.

Over the nine years I lived here, they have had the antenna tech out about three times, and I'm quite sure the last time he came out, was just after analogue was switched off. So just wondering, what's the go here?

If the reception gods are on my side tonight, and hell am I praying, it will be a great night as I don't have any of the material - however I have a feeling I might be in for some nasty pixasion surprises. I've recently taped two movies without a problem, so anything is possible.

Re: Question about Digital Reception Boosters?

Hi Mark, would have like to respond to your post with info, but I skipped rage Saturday morning. How did your reception go Saturday night?

Re: Question about Digital Reception Boosters?

Thanks Michael, I haven't had a chance to watch the countdowns yet, but a quick look at the 1985 one looked okay. I had a post up on the whirlpool forum, and they have recommended for me to get RG6 cable that is quad shielded, so we'll be shopping sometime this week. :(