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rage goes retro blurb on rage website

Below is rage's blurb for 'rage goes retro. Glad to see that the 90s are NOT mentioned BUT really, is there a need for an Elton John Special? ... Ah well... So long as it doesn't go for over an hour which ever weekend they plan to play it on... Why does it say 11:30 pm when it's 11:05?

Think back to a time before dubstep and Drake memes, Tumblr and twerking... Those were the days – when the jeans were flared, the love was free, and cob dip was an on-trend party snack. Rage is going retro throughout the month of January, reliving both defining and forgotten musical moments from the last forty years.

We’ll be digging deep into the ABC’s archives and dusting off classic clips for retro month 2014, bringing together a fine selection of footage from Countdown, Rock Arena, Hitscene and GTK.

Throughout the month-long series you’ll swing through the 60s, shimmy through the 70s, and moon walk through the 80s with rare live performances, interviews, video clips and more – some of which are seeing light for the first time in decades and are not even available online (!).

There's also going to be an Elton John Special included somewhere in this year's retro month...

Join us for the first installment of rage Goes Retro on Saturday 4th January from 10:30-11:30am, returning for the night from 11:30pm on ABC1.

Re: rage goes retro blurb on rage website

I would like to see the full Divinyls special this month because I want to have a tribute to Chrissy.

Re: rage goes retro blurb on rage website

D@mn, who asked for the Elton John special? I don't mind some of his songs (when they're performed by other artists, e.g. Kate Bush's 'Rocket Man'), but I've never liked the songs that he performs on very much.

Re: rage goes retro blurb on rage website

OK, guilty of requesting John Farnham hosting Countdown in late 16/11/86 which was shown on rage last January, but I didn't request Elton. I must admit that the 28/3/82 episode hosted by Molly & Elton is in my Top 5 Countdowns! Unlike a lot of people, I am not a fan of 70's Elton, but love his music from the 80's esp. 80-84. I am almost certain it will be a 70's special.

Re: rage goes retro blurb on rage website

They have generally pulled out rarer footage for Retro recently, so I can only assume that they have an ABC produced Elton special such as Meldrum Tapes or they have combined a whole lot of snippets such as GTK etc which featured Elton.

As long as it is not a live concert (such as live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) that runs for more than 20min as that would alienate a lot of viewers. I can't recall anyone requesting Elton specifically.

I am happy that some GTK and Hitscene will be shown. Hopefully there are some more segments from Flashez.

Re: rage goes retro blurb on rage website

Maybe they will just play all the Countdown eps that Elton was on and chuck a few clips on in between