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Retro Month?

RAGE not exactly moving quickly on their playlists for this weekend.

Their website has clearly been abandoned as the central point for the program, but they dont update Facebook or Twitter with the playlists either.

RAGE must be run by 10yo's these days.

Re: Retro Month?

I know this thread is going to be full of complaints for rage, and look, I will and certainly sympathise with everyone on here who feels the same. Honestly I couldn't care less what they show anymore, because all the feedback, and noise we have made toward them over the last five years on "THIS" forum, and the ABC Rage forum (in my experience) just get's ignored anyway.

For me it's a case of, if they show countdown, awesome, and if not, then ul well., maybe next time. The ABC have their minds made up that countdown repeats are at the bottom of their priority list, and come heaven to hell to kingdom come, they will not change their attitude.

If they can pull their lazy finger out, I hope to see a heap of countdowns from 1983 1984 1985 and 1986 this summer, everything about pop culture then was just soooooooooooo good. :) :) And dare I say it, even some Countdown revolutions from 1989 - early 1990.

Re: Retro Month?

Mark from 2PR FM
And dare I say it, even some Countdown revolutions from 1989 - early 1990.

I too would love some Countdown Revolutions (and The Factory), but am not holding my breath...

Re: Retro Month?

Yeah, I too would love a Factory episode, but 3 hours is too much of a bite into retro time. This show was really my era as I didn't really get into music until 1987...and Andrew Daddo was one cool dude!

Re: Retro Month?

I'm not really looking for a full Factory episode, but one with just the music bits would be good. The late 80's/early 90's normally gets overlooked during retro month, because there was no staple ABC show that lasted long enough to have a major cult following, unlike before and after this period.

Re: Retro Month?

We got a few excerpts from The Factory a few years back, but for me bits and pieces don't cut it. Has to be a full episode. That's why I didn't get too overly excited when VH1 showed just snippets of Countdown Performances a few years back.

Re: Retro Month?

I hope rage don't dive too much into Countdown Revolution, I doubt they will thank goodness.

I would however like the whole Batdance Competition from 1989 as I was there and it was one of the 'BETTER' Countdown Revolutions...

Re: Retro Month?

There was a Countdown Revolution clip shown on NYE with Kool & The Gang - Celebration being live. I hadn't noticed that before with that clip or maybe it was the first time I had seen it.