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Rage Party Mix on New Years Eve

Hi Guys

I just happened to see in my Tv magazine a Rage Party Mix all through New years Eve, starting at about 12:20am and finishing at 6:00am?

I can't fin anything about it on either the website or facebook, does anybody know what it is all about?

Re: Rage Party Mix on New Years Eve

Presumably it's similar to the NYE specials they've had the past 2 years, where they play a bunch of 'party' tracks.

No doubt we won't get a playlist again though if they can't get their $hit together (Did you see the excuse for no playlist this weekend just gone posted on the rage Facebook page - only *one* person at rage HQ, who happened to be on leave until today, knows how to update the playlists on the website - yet the weekend's playlists still aren't posted).

Re: Rage Party Mix on New Years Eve

That is ridiculous Nathan. Sounds very much like my Department, if somebody is away then nobody can do that job. Surely it can't be hard to write some words on a website?

Btw mate I hope you had a great Christmas!!

Were the videos played the last 2 years just the run of the mill or were there some surprises?

Re: Rage Party Mix on New Years Eve

They were pretty stock-standard, if I recall correctly. Nothing ultra rare. Perhaps a handful (like 1-2) retro clips they hadn't played in years/if ever, but nothing not readily obtainable elsewhere.

Re: Rage Party Mix on New Years Eve

Hmmm I see we have no playlist yet again