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Politicians program Rage

Someone sent me this, copied from the Rage Facebook page:

In a rage first, sitting politicians will program the show in an Election
Special airing August 31. The Deputy Prime Minister Anthony
Albanese MP will play some of his favourite music videos as will
other members of parliament. More details to come.

Hmmm... I presume this is a bid to maximise the apparently important 'youth' vote in this election.

Re: Politicians program Rage

This will be interesting to see more from a political outlook than the music perspective as it appears to be a propaganda stunt prior to the election to make some politicians seem human and in touch with society. Otherwise they would have shown this on the actual election night when this programming would not have had the possibility of influencing votes but would have been relevant to the actual day.

Will they have even representation from all parties?

If any of the pollies play The Reels or Nick Cave I will suspect they received a helping hand in choosing their selections.

I imagine they will play The Vault special on the actual election night. The election broadcast will then run over time and as a result a large chunk of the special will be scrapped.

Re: Politicians program Rage

I suspect, being politically 'neutral', the ABC will try to get members from each major party. I suppose it's also in the ABC's interests to provide a platform to the Liberal Party too, in the hope of minimising cuts to the ABC they may make if they get in

Re: Politicians program Rage

This is so funny! I hope no-one chooses the 'Macarena', 'Gangnam Style' or another other fricken novelty song, because well, they will just look like a K N O B!

Re: Politicians program Rage

Yes, one from each major party...
Apparently the pollies involved are Julie Bishop, Adam Bandt and Anthony Albanese.


Wonder if Julie Bishop will pick any Owl Eyes clips ?

Re: Politicians program Rage

The only politics I want to see on Rage would be:

The Politics Of Dancing - Re-flex
Election Day - Arcadia

or politically motivated songs (usually protest):
US Forces - Midnight Oil
Let The Franklin Flow - Goanna
A.S.I.O - Redgum
Sun City - Artists United Against Aparteid

At least they haven't gotten a member of the Clive Palmer Party otherwise they could drag out Red Rider's Lunatic Fringe.

Re: Politicians program Rage

What's about Peter Garrett or Craig Emerson who did a send-up of Skyhooks' Horror Movie?

Re: Politicians program Rage

Yes, one from each major party...
Apparently the pollies involved are Julie Bishop

Oh dear...

I suppose there will be the obligatory 'bash the other part(ies)' stuff when they're introducing videos

I reckon one of them will pick a Nirvana or Nick Cave clip, to show that they're 'cool'... or maybe not, I sometimes forget that was a generation ago.

Re: Politicians program Rage

Windowlicker better not be one of their picks