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Margaret and David guest programs Rage

Margaret and David from At The Movies guest program Rage are going to be on the morning and late night of Saturday February 16 on ABC. I wonder if Margaret, David or both are going to pick some of the songs from the soundtrack of the 1970s and '80s movies as featured in Rage Gets Soundtracked special which was screened on Saturday September 11 2010 in a playlist.

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

Interesting angle..
INXS videos?
Flying by The Beatles was shot by Stanley Kubrick.

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

I am actually quite disappointed with David's and Margret's playlist, sure.... There are some GREAT things like Madonna with Gambler, Laura Branigan with Self Control, The DOGS IN SPACE section and Michael Hutchence's Rooms For The Memory but come on, the rest? ... I expected some more OBSCURE pieces overall!... Love Perfusion from Madonna? REALLY!!!!!!!

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

I had never seen Laura Branigan's Self Control on Rage, this may be the first ever airing. I remember asking for it in 2004 when she died but we didn't even get a tribute. Fortunately they played the episode of Countdown that she hosted in the Retro season in Jan 2005 after a few of us had been asking for Laura clips.

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

TOTALLY Guru, I have NEVER seen Self Control on rage either!

I am CERTAIN it was THE first airing on rage ...

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

The video for 'Self Control' was shown in full on Countdown 24/6/1984 on rage 1/1/2005. However, I'm guessing you're talking about stand alone videos?

Re: Margaret and David guest programs Rage

@ Jason,

I think David and Margaret did a great job considering their background isn't music and I'm sure they were given a bit of a helping hand with the videos. But yes, it is annoying when '00's videos pop up on guest programmers playlists.