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Music record Fair

on Feb 24th at Parramatta Town Hall.they will be having Australia's Biggest & Best music Fair.

100,000 Records, cds & More will be on sale. they are listing Abba,disco, House Techno, dance and Blues records.

go to www.collectableandmusicfair.com.au

Re: Music record Fair

Yep, I know, it used to be great, but I now go to another Sydney fair. I used to go to the Parramatta one in the early 00's when everyone was getting rid of their vinyl. I picked up crates of min cond vinyl for $20, which is about 20c a record. I went there at the end of last year for the first time in nine years, and gotta say things have changed a lot. It's now a physical ebay with sellers pricing 45's at $10, $15, and $20, very diffferent to ten years ago. I go to these things to pay less, without the postage charges associated with ebay, Many at the Parramatta record fair are priced up ebay sellers that might as well stay home and stick to ebay. Many of them forget the true fun of a fair is digging through the bargains.

I go to another fair which is almost as big, there's no admin charge, and most of the records are $2, much more reasonable. It's just a heap of fund, finding songs that have never been released to CD. There's a magic kind of feeling walking out of one of these fair's with a bag full of 45s - just like the good old 80s. :)

Re: Music record Fair

I agree, they used to come down to Canberra in the 90s.

I picked up many bargains at these record fairs back then.

They eventually disappeared though, as the interest started to disappear.

I noticed they have one coming up next month in Dickson ACT, i might have to check it out this time. I will be interested to see what pricing and how sellers come down to Canberra.