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Sounds Like Us (An ABC-TV Pop Show aired during 1969-1970)

There was an ABC-TV pop show filmed in Melbourne around 1969-1970 called 'Sounds Like Us' hosted by Jeff Phillips.

Does anyone remember or know about this one? Just wonder if any of these episodes exist in the ABC archives or have perished like all the other music related material during the time.

Re: Sounds Like Us (An ABC-TV Pop Show aired during 1969-1970)

Hi Dave

One complete show survives in the ABC archives. Dont know if people would like to see this again - very lightweight and middle-of-the-road. More for an older age audience at the time. Although Rage did previously screen the one surviving "Dig We Must" from 1966 and even a "Six O'Clock Rock" from 1960, these both were aimed at a much younger audience.

Re: Sounds Like Us (An ABC-TV Pop Show aired during 1969-1970)

I met Jeff Phillips at Wrokdown concert in Melbourne last year because he is one of my Facebook friends, we talked about plans for his anthology CD that I wrote about it to him on Facebook, introduced him to my mum and got an autograph from him by using the title of his only hit single, a cover of The Shirelles' Baby It's You on one of the pages of The Music Goes Round My Head book that I bought so I had a good time with him while he hosting and performing in this concert which featured Mick Pealing from Stars since I saw him in My Generation game show on television in a long time ago.