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rage retro 4 on Friday 25th

Seeing we are getting stuffed around like per usual in January rage have decided to put rage goes retro 4 on a Friday night.

Some guy on the rage messageboard actually thinks rage goes retro 4 will go till 11am, hahahahahaha! As IF rage would do such a thing! He is living on a cloud!

Re: rage retro 4 on Friday 25th

Retro would only go to 6 or 6:30 I imagine but it actually starts earlier on the Friday usually as compared to the Saturday. If they keep their new clips until the morning we might do OK.

We haven't had any Hitscene or Countdown Revolution or 10:30 Slot so the last night might comprise of that.

I suspect it will be a shortened night though. If we get 5-6 hours on the Friday I am happy with that. I really don't care what night it is as long as it is shown. If it is less than 5 hours I would be disappointed.

I haven't sat up for the last 5 years now that I have a HDD. I used to sit up for the first 15 years (well 14 years as I missed the 1993 broadcast because I didn't know it was on). I only did that because I had to change tapes halfway through the night and if there was a power dip I would have to reset the video. All that is no longer a problem.

Re: rage retro 4 on Friday 25th


Can't believe you don't sit up!

WOW, I live for it in January and make 3 course meals watching live. it IS a problem for me as I have to organise another DJ to do the last 2 hrs for me on my OZ 80s night WHAT YOU NEED, rage have ****ed me up WELL and GOOD!

Re: rage retro 4 on Friday 25th

Jason, you are No.1 Countdown diehard (of course) to give up your DJ hosting to get home to watch Countdown. I would just say 'bugger it, I'll just have to timer record it and watch it later'.

I can only stay up to about 3.30am, but every Saturday during the day and night I don't watch any TV and keep busy and 10 mins before rage starts I turn on the TV and have my Countdown treats ready. LOL.

Re: rage retro 4 on Friday 25th

Sorry to be a downer here but the last weekend of Retro is usually 90s night and always contains an episode of Recovery. Surely they wouldn't dare this time?