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Check rage's tiff out

Maryanne Heyward: I am sooo devastated you have shifted Retro night to Friday on the last week of January to make way for Triple J. It just shows the flagrant disrespect you have for this annual event which many people actually look forward to and make plans around knowing it is always on a Saturday. Very very disappointed at such unprofessionalism from the Rage team.

Jason: rage goes retro on a Friday night, go figure.

Duncan Mac Give Jason a job!

Jason: As you know Maryanne I have a very special event on Friday 25th January booked way in advance and I made it on the Friday months ago so it doesn't clash with rage goes retro. Who would have thought I would be in this delima I am in now whhhhhhhhhhy ...

rage: It's these kind of ungrateful comments that make us wonder why we even bother. The other option was to scrap the last Saturday altogether.

Jason: It's actually not ungrateful, rage have to understand that people wait 11 months for retro programming for the other 11 months of Alternative programming and there was no official announcement about the shifting of retro 4. The fact that rage just said the other option was to scrap the last Saturday all together shows that rage goes retro is obviously not taken very seriously which is a great pity as it makes MANY people VERY happy and it's actually THE most rated time in every year for rage. Yes, rage are moving rage goes retro 4 to the Friday night instead but rage also have to understand that this would NEVER occur if it was an Alternative Special and would never be considered to be shifted and that is a fact. And it's not rude or ungrateful, it's just the truth

Re: Check rage's tiff out

Mmmm. Would have sounded much better if rage just didn't say the first sentence - that type of comment just gets everyones back up.

Re: Check rage's tiff out

EXACTLY! Hypocrites, that comment they made just SHOWS 101% that they treat January like a piece of S H I T!

Re: Check rage's tiff out

Remind 'em WE'RE the ones paying their wages :)

Re: Check rage's tiff out

rage are C U N T S ! The fact they openly admitted they were goign to scrap the last weekend SAYS IT ALL!

Re: Check rage's tiff out

Jason, you have to realise that Aunty has a lot of money tied up in JJJ and must cross promote it as much as possible. It has been this way since JJJ went national in the early 1980s. ABC TV has always promoted left wing, alternative crap - Rock Arena and JJJ TV being the obvious examples.

JJJ has been slipping in the ratings recently and with the silly season ending and the ratings starting again on the Australia Day weekend it is not surprising to see Aunty stuffing around the retro crowd to screen what amounts to a six hour advertisement for JJJ. Somehow I think Jonathan Holmes won't be mentioning this when Media Watch starts again.

Re: Check rage's tiff out

Spot on Hoin - in fact I remember when Rage was simulcast on JJJ at one stage - and back in the good old 90's when everything was wall-to-wall Countdown in January, it was strange to hear 1970s episodes of Countdown blaring over the JJJ airwaves - about the ONLY time I could ever want to tune into this terrible radio station. They eventually waited until the Countdowns finished before starting the simulcasts due to complaints from their typically brain-dead listeners. Eventually the simulcast thing stopped - cant remember when but it was a while ago now.

Pleased to hear the ratings are dropping on JJJ - hopefully they will shut the station down. No great loss.

Re: Check rage's tiff out

I have about 4 Countdowns recorded on audio cassette when it was simulcast on JJJ. So it was the stereo and VHS recorder going simultaneously. My favourite Countdown episodes I have burnt to CD. I know JJJ is painful, but it's an Australian institution and I would hate to see it axed, if only it stayed away from rage.