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rage facebook page

PLEASE let your voice be heard over at the rage Facebook page. They are paying A LOT more attention over there than on the dead messageboard.

Many casual watchers are under the impression that there are only 'LIMITED' Countdown Episodes left! We ALL know here that THIS is NOT true! 70s episodes, yes but there are still 200+ 80s Countdown's to be played!

Please also put your requests in on the rage Facebook page as well. It's DO OR DIE to make 2013 a SPECIAL January seeing it's 20 years since rage have played Countdown. We NEED as MANY Countdown's played in January as POSSIBLE!!!

Here is the link to the rage Facebook page:

Re: rage facebook page

I've noticed some of the messageboard posts haven't been answered. At least Facebook attracts a larger audience and there is more chance of seeing more unearthed Countdown episodes as well as other Music related material if requested on FB.

Re: rage facebook page

I have supported your post on Facebook. I don't tend to use Facebook but if it helps then it is worthwhile.

I actually got stalked by a troll on Facebook once which was quite funny. They left a few odd comments about hoarding but could provide no evidence about what they were babbling about (couldn't even give a definition of what hoarding was as they contradicted themselves). After exposing this character's modus operandi (apparently trolling is frowned upon by the law but I am unsure as to the legality) they had their particular activities at Rage cancelled - which was a sweet victory in itself, if you can have a victory in a discussion about nothing. As a result, this caused them to have a sook and write a letter to the ABC (not to apologise but to try and get the evidence removed). That was just icing on the cake.

Curious as I was to the background of this individual I did a bit of research (which is also actually the word that tripped my friend up). Sure, it is 2 hours of my life I won't get back again but for entertainment purposes it was most satisfying - there are some interesting specimens out there and I don't think I have seen such a nobody ever pump their own tyres up so much before - he actually edits a wiki page about himself and discusses his achievements in third person . I notice that the troll, after a 10 month absence licking their wounds, is re-emerging - this should be amusing.

He actually discusses us quite frequently elsewhere, we are living rent free in his head but as he is a former bankrupt I wouldn't consider charging him for the privilege as he couldn't afford my fees, he can have that pleasure on me.

Is Facebook often that interesting? If it is I may have to revisit it. I'm still a bit too old world as I have stuck with forums and emails. I have no idea with Facebook and Twitter.

As always I will watch Retro month with interest and I will take note of what is being shown and on which forum it was mentioned. If they do take more suggestions from Facebook I may have to transfer over to there.

The new Rage crew that have come in this year are probably all Facebook generation so I imagine that is where it will head eventually. The Meassageboard only gets updated once or twice a week and there is virtually no feedback from the mod anymore so it may well get phased out.

Re: rage facebook page

Leaving suggestions on rage's facebook is absolutely a must as rage seem to update a lot!

I left a message on their Facebook page about Fruit Pastilles and Sardine V and they liked it! GO FIGURE!

Re: rage facebook page

Kyron Mallett!?!?!?

Re: rage facebook page

In the famous words of Joe Pesci: 'OK, OK, OK'.
I'll get onto the rage facebook page today.

Re: rage facebook page

The new Rage crew that have come in this year are probably all Facebook generation so I imagine that is where it will head eventually. The Messageboard only gets updated once or twice a week and there is virtually no feedback from the mod anymore so it may well get phased out.

Yep, sadly I think the writing's on the wall regarding the messageboard.

Re: rage facebook page

Kyron Mallett!?!?!?

And what a sad and deluded person that particular individual appears to be...

Re: rage facebook page

I've left a message on the Rage facebook page......yes I would agree it appears the Rage messageboard on their website is yesterday's news....as long as no one asks me to Twitter any suggestions as I'm a twit when it comes to Twitter...!

Re: rage facebook page

I miss the old days of the rage forum. Just post after post of comments - no categories of topics, no nothing. It was a good easy read and a good laugh. Why do they people have to complicate things? Can you blame the moderator for not replying. The whole messageboard is/was a dog's breakfast. Even I didn't read them.

Re: rage facebook page

Yeah, the old Rage guestbook was great and really vibrant.
Lots of posters and really responsive Mods.
Those were the days....