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INXS split

Here's the shocking news for INXS fans that I saw on Facebook since Michael Hutchence's death:

Re: INXS split

Just read it. It's always difficult to sustain a rock band when the lead singer dies (AC/DC the exception). JD was their best pick and they did great stuff in 2005 as a result, but in the end things didn't work out....'Rockstar INXS 2' maybe?

Re: INXS split

No, each member are going to do a solo project or moving on like writing and producing music for new and upcoming musicians.

Re: INXS split

INXS died when Michael Hutchence died. They should have stopped then and there instead of extending the life of a group that had already finished.

I'm surprised it took them this long to wake up to themselves...maybe they finally made enough money?

Re: INXS split

Weird, I was thinking about Inxs late last night and how they have carried on without Michael.

THIS is THE best news for me! It may sound disrespectful BUT they should have split after Michael died OR at very least changed their name!!!! Sorry, but for me Inxs without Michael is NOT Inxs!!! SUCH a charismatic man like Michael being taken away from the band was something that unfortunately was goign to REALLY be felt in TO many ways to carry on. I was absolutely DISGUSTED when they did that reality show for a new front man!!! Sad to see Inxs is over but it was over a LONG time ago when Michael passed and i am GLAD they now realize this!!!

Re: INXS split

Yeah, I agree, but 'Rock Star INXS' was the best music show. It kicked a r s e over all the Idol shows at that time. Real musicians that rocked out and had real talent. I even bought the 'Rockstar INXS' CD (the best performances) I have great memories from the show, but like many don't want to revisit it again and leave it as a great experience...Nicholas, 'Rockstar INXS 2' was a joke. I should have put an emoticon after it.