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Strange-ish happenings at Rage recently

OK, not *that* strange, but a few odd things I've noticed:

When Elvis Costello's video for 'So Like Candy' aired on Rage last weekend, it was encoded in the 'new' format with a slightly larger and less sharp artist/title superscript, and slightly duller colours. I naturally assumed this was a video from the vault they'd recently converted to digital format for airing.

But then when I checked my music videos catalogue, I saw that I had a digital capture of the video already from Rage in 2009! I popped that DVD on, and lo and behold, it's encoded in the old/regular format, with normal brightness and a slightly smaller & sharper artist/title superscript.

It clearly looks like Rage had re-encoded the clip though for its airing last week, which begs the question... why?! Surely they can't have 'lost' a video that they broadcasted digitally a mere 3 years ago. I presume that the digitally-encoded videos require much less (if any) storage space in their library... or do they still pull out the digital betacam SP tape every time it airs? If so, why then aren't other clips they aired digitally prior to this year displaying the same 'new' encoding format?

Another thing, what is with the seemingly random selection of retro videos (of course at least half of which they've already aired in recent years) after Lanie Lane's guest programming slot tonight? Being tardy with updating the guest programming blurb on the weekend playlist preview on the main page, there's no explanation for why these videos are there, or the connection to Lanie Lane.

It's all very odd!

Re: Strange-ish happenings at Rage recently

As Guru said there are new staff at rage and it seems like they are not following the 'Users Guide Manual' and are reinventing the wheel.

Re: Strange-ish happenings at Rage recently

GREAT! New staff at rage with January 'COMING UP'... I have this TERRIBLE feeling RECOVER GALORE is coming this January seeing the other morning they played a few performances from that DISGUSTING show