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BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

rage programmer this weekend BLOOD ORANGE is quite good indeed and 100% BRITISH :-) He played some GREAT stuff this morning :-) FINALLY, Robert Palmer's amazing cover and video for 'I Didn't Mean To Turn You On' which I have BUT great to see THE best from the female model in the videos period from Robert * ALSO, Culture Club, Devo, Malcom Mclaren, Todd Rundgren, Bruce Willis and more... Tonight he continues with Boy George, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Malcolm Mclaren, Roxy Music, Neneh Cherry, Blondie and MORE

Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

Hey Jason, you should write up these blurbs for rage. Theirs are so boring and they say the same thing week after week. .

Yes, it was great to see 'I Didn't Mean To Turn You On' & 'Respect Yourself'. Why didn't they show these kinds of videos in the '87-'90 special? Looking forward to getting 'Left Of Center' and a few rare vids from Beats International & Soul II Soul (well, rare for me!) tonight.

I see that song/video requests have been missing for a while from the site and viewers comments.

Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

YES, Beats International is a RARE one!!!

Also on rage tonight is the ULTRA KICK ASS *** KING CRIMSON with Sleepless. rage used to use this track for the rage promo's in the early days .... AND ::: WILL POWERS Adventures In Success

Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend


Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

It was a pretty good programming on the whole, with plenty of 'rare'/not-often-seen-on-rage videos. This, and that programming a few weeks back with Gwen Guthrie, Frida, Billy Idol's 'Flesh For Fantasy' etc. is how a GP *should* be done, instead of the same boring old clips week in, week out.

One thing though - did Billy Idol's 'Eyes Without a Face' actually air in full 16:9? I checked on youtube before it aired, and it was 4:3 on there! Or are they just stuffing around with starting the artist/title superscript in the 'vertical bar' area? Same with Soul II Soul's 'People'. It is starting to peeve me these bloody ratio inconsistencies!

The Suzanne Vega clip is not on her DVD (well, the PAL version at least), so it was great to get that one.

Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

Blood Orange is beautifully intelligent and nobody has been so interesting on the couch like him. I am now a SUPER FAN and got his album on Ebay.

The way he looks at life is like a TRUE ARTIST, just an amazing being *+*

Re: BLOOD ORANGE prgrams rage this weekend

Yeah, I agree, I thought he was just another hip hop/r&b/whatever artist and would play the same stuff, but he impressed me with his diversity of music (really liked the Neil Young video) and his thoughts...and I agree with him, 'Californication' is Red Hot Chili Peppers best album.