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Holy hell!*
*WTF is a time coded episode or song anyway? Is it a good thing to have or a bad thing?
Turn my back for a few months and all hell breaks loose.

Good thing Keith Urban is easy on the eye. I only watched an hour tonight so I guess it could improve, but one needs their beauty sleep.

Last week Guru came to my rescue with a copy of Shaun What's his name hosting Rage, plus a bonus disc of Thompson Twins! <3 <3 <3 Thompson Twins!
Anyway, Dear Armin will not accept cash for his troubles.
Can anyone suggest something suitable I could mail GB to show my appreciation? I believe it's his birthday tomorrow too, FYI, although that is quite beside the point.
Any suggestions please?

Re: Jesus!

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions.
I shall certainly consider them all. I notice Guru has posted info about the up-coming concert of Simple Minds, Devo, The Church and the Models. I have purchased tickets to this concert so I will cast my eye over the various paraphernalia undoubtedly on sale during said concert for anything appropriate.
Guru Bob, thank you for your suggestion of donating blood as a way to thank you. I do plan on visiting the blood bank and giving, one day. When I'm feeling brave...
If you don't mind I'd much prefer to choose something with a little more zing. The concert is months away of course so best to keep breathing until then.