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OFFICIAL Countdown Site closing

OFFICIAL Countdown Site closing... I got this email today from the official Countdown newsletter...
It was rather a boring site anyway. Not as passionate as mine if I do say so myself! He He He :-) Fan websites always breed more enthusiasm and more RARE features :-)

BUT sad to see it go as any amount of Countdown put out into the world is ALWAYS good, so goodbye and thanks for the fabulous photos in the Artists archive section :-)

Dear Countdown Club Members,

It is with great sadness that we let you know the Countdown website will be permanently closed down at the end of June. The associated Countdown Twitter and Facebook accounts will also be closed at the same time.

As the final curtain comes down, we wanted to thank you all for re-living the Countdown memories with us over the past few years. It's been a blast.

With one final bow,

Re: OFFICIAL Countdown Site closing

I got the same email today.

Must admit I only ever visited it a couple of times so I guess I didn't help with the traffic flow there. There has been virtually nothing posted there for months anyhow. Still a pity to see anything based around Countdown die.

Re: OFFICIAL Countdown Site closing

I went there once or twice but didn't amaze me too much. I can honesty say this is the ONLY Countdown based site I visit and a great one it is too ! Long may it continue!

Re: OFFICIAL Countdown Site closing

I only visited it a couple of times too, last time about 3 years ago. When I changed my email address, I didn't update it, cause I was sick of them emailing me crap. It wasn't a site for die hard fans. Goodbye!