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Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

Have just noticed Sweet And Sour listed on the Aurora channel. Not sure which ep it is, hopefully the first.

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel


it's on at 5:30 am this morning and setting it for every other day, but it's at different times every day.

4:30 am and then 1:30 pm!!!

Seems it's only on 3 times though, hmmmmm

Whether it's 3 episodes or just the one episode repeated 3 times is a mystery?... I just emailed Aurora asking what the story is, hopefully I get some kind of response! OMFFFG!

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

From my years as a Foxtel subscriber watching Max's Muscle TV on Aurora, the usual practice is to show one episode several times for a week, then the following week do the same thing with another episode and so on.

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

I'm really surprised that's happening and I wonder where the programmer's got the idea from.

It's a welcome idea though - a bit strange they are only showing 3 of the 20 episodes though. It'll be interesting to see what the reaction is to it. I have it on DVD and re-watching it again it stands up very well, which is great to see.

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

I was having a bit of a laugh there for a minute, because there is a show on Aurora called 'Sweet & Sour' and it's a panel discussion where they discuss viewer's emails, same format like the show 'Beauty & The Beast' that aired on Ten years ago.

Anyway, got onto the Foxtel online TV Guide and typed in 'Sweet & Sour' and it says in the description the band The Takeaways trying to make it in the music business. OMFG! But...it says Episode 70 and year of production 2008? I guess I will have to record it tomorrow morning to find out for sure.

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

Jason, did you watch/record it at 5.30am this morning? Is it 'Sweet & Sour' as we know it?

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

Sorry guys. False alarm. I was sucked in by the info on the EPG.It said "A young band, The Takeaways, try to succeed in the music business". Turns out it is the community panel show as mentioned above. How disappointing.

Re: Sweet And Sour on Foxtel

Jason, did you watch/record it at 5.30am this morning? Is it 'Sweet & Sour' as we know it?

Very dissapointed that the description mentions The Takeaways yet it was a crappy Panel show! This is happening FAR TO MUCH recently with false advertising!

Even on Friday night I recorded rage for a new band I like and the playlist was totally different to what the rage Playlist was advertised to!

It's so absolutely unprofessional, ARGHHHHH!!!