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2PR FM's Lobbying Campaign for Sydney Wide FM License

Hi all, I hope this is alright by Jason, I'm launching a huge lobbying campaign for my internet radio station 2PR FM.

With the internet being so crowded and not worthwhile, I've compiled an extensive license submission for broadcasting on FM. I've met up with some Federal MPs, and they've been impressed with what I've done.

With my submission finished, I have to show that there is a demand for 2PR FM, so the next logical step is that I'll have to lobby hard, and get as many letters as possible. Anyone who lives in Sydney can go to the http://www.savesydneyradio.com website, and send in a letter.

The motivation for this comes from the fact that they are six commercial FM stations in Sydney that are classified as mainstream. They play all the same crap. They all have this fascination of playing the same 300 songs, over and over. None of the music we grew up with on countdown gets played, well very little of it anyway.

The ACMA note that these FM licenses are of a very valuable nature. They note this on the context of how many listeners it can reach and geographic reach. I disagree with this strongly though. I feel that the value of a license should be based on what the experience that a radio station can give the listener. I would think that a format of over 20,000 tracks would be of much more entertainment value, then a commercial FM station that plays the same 200 songs everyday. Considering how precious FM Spectrum is in Sydney, these FM commercial station merry go rounds are an absolute waste of spectrum space.

I know I'll be taking on a hard fight to get an FM license. Though a normal FM commercial license goes for auction for about $100 million, I'm lobbying for a "Class H" license, which is a radio broadcast license for people with Handicaps.

So please, this is our chance to change the craphole that Sydney radio has become, by going to the save Sydney radio site at http://www.savesydneyradio.com, and sending in your lobbying letters for 2PR FM.

Many thanks


Re: 2PR FM's Lobbying Campaign for Sydney Wide FM License

Of course it's alright :-)