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GTK episode on Greville Street

Hi Bob

Great work here. Nice to see this info online. I've been looking for a GTK episode that you have on your list, 737 B MARK BARNES REPORT ON GREVILLE STREET, PRAHRAN 1973 24-Sep-73, and would love to have it. Do you know if this one is still around and how to get access?

Best wishes

Re: GTK episode on Greville Street

I don't know much about them really.

I just do a bit of my own private research from time to time on 70's and 80's Australian TV, looking through old TV guides and the like, and was given a copy of that list by a friend who had obtained it from the ABC (you can buy this info from the ABC for a small fee). I found it interesting and since it came in a spreadsheet format I was able to cut and paste it so I just thought I would share it with others.

I believe that everything on that list should exist in the ABC archives, possibly in Sydney. I don't know if it has all been transferred from its original source (probably mostly 16mm) to digital or whether it has just been archived. Rage often play the same items over and over so it may be that only some of it has been done.

Music items will have copyright on them so they would not be available unless they happen to air on Rage/ABC but a general item like that wouldn't have any restrictions I would think.

Your best bet would be to contact ABC Content sales and they could let you know:

Re: GTK episode on Greville Street

What was so important about Greville Street?

Re: GTK episode on Greville Street

What was so important about Greville Street?

Probably very little importance in relation to Greville Street. Just a random choice I'd say, a fishing expedition. I was looking for a way to get "private research" into a sentence again.

The question I was asking was what was so important about spatiotemporay? Space and Time - as in Doctor Who's travels. I get visions of nameless people, but yet with many names.

Happy to go along with it knowing there is an jovial little customer at the other end.

Re: GTK episode on Greville Street

For those who were there at the time, its significance is obvious. It was a kind of Haight-Ashbury of Melbourne for a while.

Unfortunately not many people took photos at that time so the facebook site does not really convey the character of Greville Street in the 70s.