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Can someone tell me which Flashez episodes Rage have shown?

I'm pretty sure 4 of them have been aired but I can't find any info on the last one.

I have the 8/11/77 & 2/2/77 shows. I missed out recording the 1/1/77 ep (the one with the 3 surfers) and I seem to think another was shown as well - which I don't have either.

Anyone know which one it is?

Re: Flashez

Hi Patrick,

I've got 2/12/77, 22/8/77, 8/11/77 and 1/1/77. Unless I too missed one I don't remember one from 2/2/77..

Re: Flashez

Sorry Frankster - that was a typo! I meant to say I had the 8/11/77 and 2/12/77 episodes.

Ok I must get a copy of the 22/8/77 and 1/1/77 shows then.

So that leaves the 2/8/76 and 23/5/77 shows to be aired - must make a note for next year so Rage can show at least some 70's material for fans.

Thanks for the information Frankster much appreciated.

Re: Flashez

Would be nice to see the remaining complete episodes as well as at least a dozen of the hundreds of segments next year.

Re: Flashez

Rage should certainly play those remaining episodes and those segments. The ones they've aired have been very entertaining and a fantastic snapshot of that era. I reckon I would have been a huge fan had I been old enough then - certainly much better than most shows these days that's for sure!

Re: Flashez

I'd never even heard of Flashez until Rage played them a few years ago. Needless to say I became an instant fan.
And that's what appeals to me,the segments in particular capture the essence of 70's Australia-just as Countdown did for both the 70's and the 80's. I'm just glad that they weren't wiped along with the actual shows.

Re: Flashez


Re: Flashez

The library at the Australian Film & TV School had an episode of Flashez in its collection. I saw it in 1986. I'm pretty sure it was an off-air recording on U-Matic tape. Have they been checked for missing episodes?