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Rage Retro 29/01/2012 - Individual Timings list

OK folks, here we go for the final rage retro for this year *sighs*..

NOTE: Starting time no longer 12.15am - it's now been changed to 12.30am

12.30am The Clouds - Souleater
12.33am The Clouds - Bower of bliss II
12.36am Countdown April 14th 1985: Tom Carroll
1.35am Toys Went Berserk - Brand new life
1.38am Toys Went Berserk - Running blind
1.42am Toys Went Berserk - Wheels in motion
1.44am Countdown Revolution: July 7th 1989
2.13am Countdown Revolution: July 12th 1989
2.41am Soho - Hippychick
2.45am PM Dawn - Downtown venus
2.49am Shanice - I love your smile
2.53am Jeremy Jordan - The right kind of love
2.57am Robbie Nevil - C'est la vie
3.01am Robbie Nevil - Just like you
3.05am Jenny Morris - Break in the weather
3.09am The Beloved - It's alright now
3.14am Black Box - I don't know anybody else
3.18am Deep Forest - Deep forest
3.22am Cher with Beavis And Butthead - I got you babe
3.26am Rage Plays The Factory - Tape 1 of 2, May 7th 1988
5.02am Rage Plays The Factory - Tape 2 of 2, May 7th 1988
6.30am Show close

Re: Rage Retro 29/01/2012 - Individual Timings list

Very surprised (pleasantly) to see Countdown, Countdown Revolution and The Factory but no 90's shows like Recovery, even though I will watch all eras, this is a more preferable choice. I imagine a few people will be happy with that.

In the end we have had 3 nights of 80's for which I am very thankful.

Funny how I list The Factory on this forum and we get a bit of discussion on it and suddenly we get a whole episode. They must be psychic.

I guess I will miss out on Suzanne Dowling this year as Rage make room for all those clips that chew up retro time. Even though a number of clips have been great, I wish they would remain just in the morning slot - there could have been so many more shows.

The Countdowns this year have been great, with the exception being that 1982-83 got overlooked and that unmentionable repeat, but I won't complain as virtually the entire 70's and 90's also got overlooked so others would have far more legitimate concerns. I shall be grateful for what we do receive.

Re: Rage Retro 29/01/2012 - Individual Timings list

Again thanks a lot for the list - very helpful.

Such a great pity no more Countdowns after this weekend and I feel this January season has been a missed opportunity in many ways. Yes we did indeed get some Countdowns people requested but we could have had more! Rage only played 8 Countdowns this season - and 1 of them was a repeat, so basically 7. That is probably the lowest amount of Countdowns shown on Rage since 2001.

Very frustrating - but I must admit to being quite shocked at no Recovery at all this year and not much 90's music either - despite what Rage said. While I would have loved more Countdown I guess seeing 3 hrs of The Factory is better than 3 hrs of Recovery! Although I would have preferred highlights from The Factory than an actual show - but what can one do - I can only look on the programming with concern than program it, which is what I would love to do!

Re: Rage Retro 29/01/2012 - Individual Timings list

The only real downside for me has been no Flashez segments. Hopefully if I put in a few requests we'll get some next jan. There are so many of them that ideally I'd like to see at least a dozen each year.

Not a fan of CR or TF but at least they're watchable unlike Recovery. So the 1985 Countdown is the only thing of any real interest for me this weekend.

Re: Rage Retro 29/01/2012 - Individual Timings list

The Countdown Revolution episodes should be interesting considering nearly every artist who appeared on it seemed to really hate miming.

Speaking of which did Molly only produce it for its 1989 run or did he do it all the way through, can't recall. Doubt he would have been overly impressed with the infamous strike done by Mark and Tania in 1990....