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rage goes retro till February 4th???

Saturday February 4th
rage Goes Retro!

Since when have rage dons this???

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

Where are you seeing this Jason ? If this is the case, my guess is next week will be all '90s and the "extra week" will be all '00s...just to ease everyone out of retro mode and back into the "music of today" which we have to grin and bear for 11 months of the year on rage...sigh. That would tie in with their decade-by-decade format this year, which I have really not enjoyed at all and I truly hope they never do it again.

I will be very surprised if we get any extra Countdowns if there's an extra week...but I would LOVE to be wrong !

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

It's on the rage website!... Even if it's true it will be Recovery and 10:30 slot.

As long as I get as MUCH 80s as possible I am happy with no repeats. NO repeats this weekend :-) I am not into 1987 Countdown's BUT the episode with Chantoozies hosting will be nice seeing Ally Fowler, Pete Burns and Boy George all talking!

I HOPE next weekend has some 1982 Countdown's!!!

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

"Saturday February 4th
rage Goes Retro!"

Hopefully that is right and not just an incorrect entry. That certainly wasn't there the other day.

I had suggested that they have 5 weeks of retro every year regardless of how many Saturdays in January but hadn't expected it to ever eventuate. Wouldn't have had anything to do with my suggestion but rather the people at Rage noticing that they may have missed a few items.

I suspect that next week will include 90's to continue their theme and I would like to think that in the last week they may cover some ground that they had missed - such as the 70's and playing the correct Igantius Jones 1981 episode.

There has been no Flashez or 70's Hitscenes and GTK's (other than the Renee Geyer repeat). They hadn't done any clips off the storage tape that included David Essex. They haven't looked at any other sources such as Beatbox, Between The Teeth, The Factory etc. Maybe a few more episodes of Countdown Rev for those that have asked for it. I haven't seen a Suzanne Dowling Rock Arena yet either or the 1982 Countdown feat Eurogliders that me and Patrick have been inquiring about for a few years.

It would be nice if Feb 4 could contain some of these items. 4 weeks just doesn't do retro justice.

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

rage goes retro on Feb 4th is no longer listed on the rage website. It must have been an error that happened to be on there for the weekend.

I KNEW it was to good to be true :-(

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

A great shame about that - would have been great.

Yes the 1982 Eurogliders would be great - plus the 83 one which I have asked for years as well.

It would seem remiss of Rage not to show any 1970's material in the last week - I think only 2 eps of Flashez remain unscreened from the 6 the ABC have in the archives.

Again all of this shows why a channel or a good timeslot to air these classic material is needed - once a year in January is never enough!

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

Who knows if the 2 un played Flashez material will surface?

Very strange indeed...

Some people on the rage forum think I am an
a s s h o l e to rage BUT it's more a case of having to much passion in my case.

Having just 4 to 5 night's a year dedicated to ABC 60s, 70s and 80s past shows like Countdown, Rock Arena, Flashez, Hitscene e.t.c... is just NOT enough!

This is why people like myself get SO angry when a repeated Countdown from last year was on again this year.

ABC1 NEED to play these programs.

I looked on this weeks ABC1 3 to 4am time slot and rage is INDEED on every morning for an hr. THIS is what REALLY bugs me.

ABC 1 could use this time to not have rage on and play archival music footage, then that way there wouldn't be a problem if rage are playing repeats of Countdown episodes they just played last year and so on.

The ABC work in very mysterious ways unfortunately :-( ...

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

Yes - looks like it was a mistake on the web page that was there to torment us for an entire weekend.

That folks is about it for Retro season this year - as the final week is exclusively 90's and beyond this will be compulsory non-viewing for me.

See you all in January 2013 - only 49 weeks to go!!

Re: rage goes retro till February 4th???

Ha, Ha Brett (2)...

Yes, I won't be viewing in either if it's a 90s weekend coming up and beyond that, not till January 2013...

Only 49 weeks to go, geeeez. No wonder I and other get all worked up over a repeat on the rage messageboard with how long we all have to wait. See ya rage in January 2013 it seems!

That typo over the weekend was such a tease and yes Brett, TORMENT indeed!!!