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Preview for Retro 3

Hey Guys

When does the preview for this weekends Show appear on the website?

I thought it was on Wednesdays?

Re: Preview for Retro 3

It usually shows up late tuesday afternoon or early wednesday..interesting it's not on the Rage site yet and it's now getting into thursday night. The playlists are usually fridays but the blurbs/previews are a couple of days earlier. Bizarre!

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Very interesting to see they've delayed it.....wonder why?

Hopefully it's a better Saturday night than last week...

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Certainly interesting, haven't seen this happening on the Rage site in quite a while. Looks like tomorrow we'll get both the blurb and the playlist, which negates having a blurb at all this week.

I'd be guessing but looks like a problem grabbing tape of a program and some last-minute changes may be underfoot - Rage did say the entire retro month has been planned out already.

Re: Preview for Retro 3

They are playing games like they have been of late

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Very interesting to see they've delayed it.....wonder why?

Maybe they're too busy sifting through the influx of email requests from the front desk

But, I reckon they've done this to avoid yet another complaint onslaught. Either that or they're tinkering with the playlist, to make sure it's a 'Recovery'/'10:30 Slot' onslaught, as punishment for all the Countdown complainers.

Another possibility is that they're checking (for the first time?) whether the planned episodes are repeats, to avoid another complaint session. Although much of this info can be obtained through a quick google.

Friday morning and it's STILL not up

There's also no mention of it on their Facebook page either. Very bizarre!

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Ah, at last!

This wasn't on the usual links, but clicking the 'retro' graphic near the top of the page (but I tried this last night and it still wasn't up):

Week 4 of rage Goes Retro will screen on Saturday 14th January at 11:55PM on ABC1 and with highlights from 10:00AM – 11:00AM also on ABC1. Viewers will have yet another chance to enjoy a wide range of requested tunes that will take them back to the good ol’ days of doing the twist, grapevine, moonwalk, robot and so much more!

rage will take viewers on an experience of every retro lover’s dream! Bringing back numerous episodes of Countdown from the 80s, there’ll be performances from artists like Spandau Ballet and The Chantoozies, as well as episodes hosted by Russell Mulcahy and Lin Buckfield!

The very first episode of the Molly Meldrum-produced Countdown Revolution from 1989 will also be featured.

You will want to turn up your TV to the max when we continue to play a huge range of retro clips from artists such as George Michael, Kate Bush, Electric Pandas, Yoko Ono, La Toya Jackson, They Might Be Giants, Galaxie 500, Toshinori Kondo and Pet Shop Boys.

Friday 20th January - rage plays hits and new releases from 1:15AM.

Re: Preview for Retro 3

I'm hoping there's more than just one Countdown Revolution.

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Spandau Ballet doesn't sound very "late" 80's though. I would classify 'late' 80's as from 1987 at the earliest.

Re: Preview for Retro 3

The very first episode of Countdown Revolution. I remember it very well and I remember I was bored out of my brains. I remember thinking this is so not anywhere CLOSE to Countdown and I also remember giving it about a year before it dissapeared and I was right.

The first one wasn't the best episode, lol... Actually, it was darn right embarrassing!

Thank goodness the 1985 Spandau Ballet episode will FINALLY be played after decades of asking!!!

A whole night of late 80s would make me want to slash my wrists, thank goodness for 1985!

Re: Preview for Retro 3

Spandau Ballet doesn't sound very "late" 80's though. I would classify 'late' 80's as from 1987 at the earliest.

For Countdown, it just lost it's magic in 1987 so badly. I am glad it ended in 1987, though at the time I was shattered BUT now come to realize it was a good thing it ended :-)

FINALLY, we get the 1985 Spandau Ballet episode, thank goodness. Pookah Makes 3 FINALLY get's played on tv for the first time since 1985!!!

Re: Preview for Retro 3

I am only speculating here, BUT it could be possible that rage play a BUNCH of Russell Mulchay video's after the Russell hosted Countdown...