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Re: retro "3" playlist

. Yes 1987 episodes was all about who would get up and dance and show what they've got. Who was the best dancer and got the best dancing position in the studio and of course that's how Tania Lacey got spotted.

Re: retro "3" playlist

The 1980/1 episodes were pretty good and I was reminded of that live Village People performance of Can't Stop the Music where you see some very cool guys in the audience wearing some amazing outfits.

I'm still quite angry about the repeated 81 episode - a complete and total waste of time and a slap in the face for Countdown fans, really shoddy treatment.

I would have preferred more Countdowns of course or at least some Flashez. Hope Week 3 is better.

Re: retro "3" playlist

I decided to record also using Foxtel, as my DVD recorder is struggling with signal again.

How do you copy from the Foxtel IQ2 STB to the DVD recorder?

Is it simply plugging the video/audio cables between the two machines.

Bugger, my foxtel cut off at 4am. So I missed the last 2 1/2 hrs of RAGE.

Please let me know what I need to do, to organise a copy burnt off.

I might infact need the next 2 weeks also, if Countdown is shown. I doubt I will fix my recording problems before the end of the retro month.



Re: retro "3" playlist

Stephen, contact me on romoelectric@hotmail.com and let me know what you want.

If nothing is fixed by the end of the month when I burn mine at the end of Jan I can burn you extra copies of everything you need :-)

Re: retro "3" playlist

I saw another one of Rock Arena episodes about female rock singers in Rage on TV in the early morning and during watching the clips by more female rock singers, I wonder if I'm going to dream about each clip and appear in whether could it be reading science fiction books with Chrissy Amphlett after the same book landed on the floor in the video clip of Science Fiction, having a relax in a spa/pool with Sharon O'Neill in the video clip of Asian Paradise or being in bed with Marianne Faithfull at a bedroom in the video clip of Sweetheart, what's do you think? I'm still just a dreamer.

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