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Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

The journey back in time continues with week 3 of ‘rage Goes Retro’!

rage fans will have the chance to reminisce with full episodes of ‘Countdown’ featuring Molly Meldrum, ‘Rock Arena’ and lots of old school clips from the past few decades.

We'll take you on a musical journey spanning back to the early days of ‘Countdown’ featuring a largely requested performance by The Dugites in 1980 and pop princess Sheena Easton also takes the stage and audience by storm in an episode from 1981. We will bring back memories with an episode of ‘Rock Arena – Rock n Roll Ladies’, hosted by Andrew Peters in August 1983, featuring performances by The Divinyls, Sharon O’Neill, Marianne Faithfull, Grace Jones and Martha Davis & The Motels.

Other retro clips to please all the retro fans out there include The Sunnyboys, Flash and The Pan, The B-52s, Supertramp, Bryan Ferry, Tactics & Sandii & The Sunsetz.

WOW I finally get to see the other "Rock N Roll Ladies" Rock Arena show that I requested about 2 years back. "Countdown" with Sheena Easton" yes it is looking like a very good "Rage Goes Retro" this coming weekend to me. I wonder what other "Countdown" eps hopefully ones we have not had repeated as yet. Fresh ones would be very welcome. Looking forward to some of the retro clips also. After the lacklustre weekend last week except for some exceptions like Russell Morris, Bee Gees, Renee Geyer etc this week is sure to really satisfy me.

Re: Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

I saw another one of the Rock Arena episodes about female rock singers in Rage on TV in the early morning and during watching the clips by more female rock singers, I wonder if I'm going to dream about each clip and appear in whether could it be reading science fiction books with Chrissy Amphlett after the same books landed on the floor in the video clip of Science Fiction, having relax in a spa/pool with Sharon O'Neill in the video clip of Asian Paradise or being in bed with Marianne Faithfull at a bedroom in the video clip of Sweetheart, what's do you think? I'm still just a dreamer.

Re: Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

Nicholas, I would have liked to have been in the spa/pool with Sharon too, she looked so lonely and sad. I could have cheered her up! . I think it's time to put together a Sharon O'Neill DVD thanks to the handful of vids from Rock Arena.

Re: Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

Sharon vid's were just simply AMAZING!!!

Re: Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

Yep and I had no idea that the video clip of 'Maxine' was banned by some music programs (incl.Countdown) due to its content. That probably explains why such a fantastic song only reached the Top 20, I'm sure if the video got more exposure, it would have been a Top 10 hit or Top 5.

'Losing You' is a very funny video. I like how she tries to force one of his shoes down the garbabe disposal and it no way fits and then she goes spastic.

Finally got the video for 'Asian Paradise'! Have been sitting on the Countdown studio performance of it for too many years until now.

Re: Highlights for "Rage Goes Retro" June 14

Thank you for my comment on Asian Paradise clip, Michael and speaking of two other clips, Maxine was banned on some music shows being screen in the morning, afternoon and early evening because of controversory and for Losing You, I think this clip is similiar to an American television drama series, The Good Wife because Sharon was a good wife in that clip just like the former politician's wife-turned-lawyer in the show.