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SBS tapes circa 1980

Hi all,
I have been going over some more old tapes recently and I found a rather interesting collection from SBS from about 1980. Sadly most of the tapes are damaged and most are currently unplayable without some treatment so I can't fully determine how many hours or what all the programs are. I would guess no more than 8 hours worth though.

Heres what I have identified so far:

Part of a panel discussion about ethnic television in Australia, Hosted by Sam Lipski, produced by "SBS-Ethnic Television" and filmed in ABC studios Malbourne. The context of the way this show is presented suggests that it is from a 1979-1980 test broadcast on ABC. The ABC test pattern comes up after the end of this show pretty much confirming it was broadcast on ABC.

A station identifier which does not match any SBS identifier design I can find anywhere. It does looks like the original October 1980 design, only with a wedge taken out of the top and bottom. I have found this same design since across multiple shows I have seen on the tapes.
Wiki entry doesn't show anything matching this design

Andrew Dettre hosting a sports show which opens to him saying 'Hello and welcome to the very first sports show on ethnic TV". Its mostly made up of soccer. 2 game highlights and interviews with 2 players. Cannot play the tape beyond that.

Some sort of Arts show discussing words and music possibly hosted by Rita Pavone from my research. Cannot confirm this though.

Ending of a film "Beer Of Geen Beer". Then leading into ads.

A full commercial for earthquake relief donations for an earthquake centered in Italy. Full meaning it has the 10 second cue in at the beginning.

There is a few more snippets of more ethnic shows and a few commercials in various languages.

Also a mystery Black and white video of what appears to be parole interviews between foreigners. This tape is badly damaged so it is difficult of determine what it actually is. It may not be related.

The question is, can any one give exact dates of when this stuff is from? The Sports show and the pieces of the variety show seem to be the first episodes of their respective shows, does this mean they are the first of the test broadcasts on ABC in 1979 or the first shows on the SBS October 1980 launch.