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My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

If there are any Mentals fans here and want me to ask any question for Greedy Smith you may want to know, I will be interviewing him over the next few weeks :-)

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

I've got a couple Jason-
1)Will the Mentals back catalogue get the remastered treatment on CD?
2)Of all the songs he's wrote for the Mentals,what would be his favourite
3)What would his faves be of the songs Martin,Reg and Peter have wrote for the Mentals
4)Anything about my fave Mentals album,Cats & Dogs-that'd be really great

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

It's a deal john!

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

Along with John's questions, here's a couple more and some thoughts for other questions....

Of course mention how he hosted Countdown so many times and was a natural at it (just like James & Marc) and did the other members of the band shy away from co-hosting?

Mr Natural was their comeback hit in 1995 and I heard there were promising things for this record in the US.

Wasn't there also problems with the bands name in the UK, as it was deemed offensive?

How did they get Pamela Stephenson on their 2 clips (Live It Up & Lets Go To Paradise) and what was she like working with?

What was it like to be the biggest Oz band in '85, along with the Models?

mention how fantastic it was to put together another greatest hits and all their videos on the CD/DVD package that was released a few years ago and I'm sure most of us here have purchased it.

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

Hi Michael-Pamela Stephenson's definitely in the Let's Go To Paradise clip,but she's not in the clip for Live It Up.
Greedy will probably correct me wrong,but I'm sure the Mentals would have got a hold of her round the time she was in Australia doing a film called Those Dear Departed.

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

Geez, that chick in the fast food van looks like her! I'm starting to get sick of being corrected lately . Back to my music books I think!

Re: My next interview with Mr Greedy Smith :-)

Don't worry Michael-you'll get me back when I make a boo-boo!