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ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

rage plucked out a rarity this morning with 'Anything Is Possible' from Icehouse on COUNTDOWN REVOLUTION.

Most Countdown Revolution performances never featured added extra bits of footage like Countdown used to do previously. A GREAT performance!!! :-)

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Does anyone know/remember exactly when Countdown Revolution finished? Going by this performance, it would have to be late (probably December, as that when this track entered the chart) 1990 at the earliest.

I recall that I wasn't aware Countdown Revolution was finishing - it just stopped airing. I don't remember there being an announcement that it was finishing; unless I missed that episode. I do, though, remember it being pretty ridiculous for a long time, when 'Chook' was hosting it.

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Countdown finished up in 1990 but have no idea about the date.

Tania Lacey and Mark Little did a big protest thing in the ABC studio's about some of the video's they were forced to play and after tat show it just died on it's
A S S... And it was INDEED 1990, towards later 1990, yes!

Chook was SO vile!

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Looks like it wrapped up in Novemeber or December 1990. I don't even remember watching around this time. I think I stopped watching around September. Chook (or was it Turkey?) was an idiot, a surfer dude with dreadlocks if I remember. Some music hosts just try too hard. Molly was and will always be the best. He wasn't a try hard or had an image as such, he just loved music and everyone could relate to him.

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Hi all, I specifically remember it was December 1990, I had just finished year 10 and also seeing "Tall Timber" by Skyhooks being performed "live" on the show. Not sure if this was the absolute last show, but I would assume it almost would have been. As mentioned earlier by someone, I can't remember any fanfare either when it finished up. (The Tall Timber C'Down Rev. performance is available on the "Right There on My DVD" dvd).

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Chook was indeed a turkey.I'm trying to think of some of the other hosts towards the end.Jimi The Human I'm sure of.I think there was a Rob and possibly someone with the nickname Mad Dog as well,but don't quote me on that.

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

I noticed that the other clip that was cut into the performance and was on the monitor was mostly a clip called Gliding by Double. I recorded this clip from MTV in 1988 when it was Hip Clip Of The Week.

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

Make that Hound Dog

Re: ICEHOUSE - Anythign Is Possible (COuntdown Revolution)

That rings a bell, John. There was that metal guy with long brown hair, too (he's probably one of the people you mentioned).