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R.I.P Michael Hutchence +

Just want to say RIP to Mr Michael Hutchence who died today 14 years ago. The world will never see another Michael, he was talented, beautiful and I miss him so :-(

Re: R.I.P Michael Hutchence +

Michael was the image and presence of INXS. A big part of my high school years, 1982-87, which was also their most productive time, died 14 years ago. I sat up for the entire Rage INXS special that they played shortly after.

They should have broken up the band after that as it has tarnished INXS to have continued the way they have with a bunch of singers that could never emulate Michael.

Models were my favourite band but closely followed by INXS and Icehouse.

Re: R.I.P Michael Hutchence +

Michael was a great talent for sure - the likes of which we rarely see.

A great pity INXS decided to continue after his passing.....to me, that aren't INXS but a bunch of guys jamming with ever-changing singers - who aren't nearly as good as Michael.

INXS when they started out were fantastic but after 1985 they lost me - I seem to prefer groups in their earlier eras such as Pseudo Echo, Bananarama and even Madonna. They seemed more natural and less forced when they started out.

Anyway Michael will never be forgotten by his many fans.

R.I.P Michael Hutchence, George Harrison & Freddie Mercury

That's right 14 years for Michael Hutchence on 22nd November 1997.

It will be 10 years for George Harrison Died 29th November 2001 and 20 years for Freddie Mercury this Thursday Died 24th November 1991.

All three were talented and taken from this earth too soon.


Re: R.I.P Michael Hutchence, George Harrison & Freddie Mercury

INXS have a new 'best of' CD. As usual, this best of ignores their music from 1980 and 1981. That time was such an important part of their career, but doesn't sell. To me, it was when they were such a part of the local scene and Countdown. The CD also has promo videos. But I must say that 'Shabooh, Shoobah' is my fave album and 'To Look At You' fave single. Love that dark, vouyeristic sound and the video is one of their best.

Re: R.I.P Michael Hutchence +

Hey Jason:

Great forum I just find, you're a INXS/Hutch fan? Maybe we can trade some material.

In fact, I'm looking for the video from Freedom Soundtrack Speed Kills, it was broadcasted sometimes on Rage, looking for it in decent quality; also looking for early INXS gigs.

Please let me know if we can share something ok?

Thanks in advance.