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rage goes retro, 2012

Hey all,

I left this post on the rage message board yesterday. The moderator wrote back!... Please support my idea which I copied an pasted below from my rage post!!!
I know you all will!!!


Author CJ
Date/Time 13 Oct 2011 1:36:37am
Subject rage retro 2012
PLEASE start Retro on Saturday December 31st NYE as 1st January should be RETRO night as it's technically January, yes?

Please advise to us who wait all year :-(

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Hi CJ, at this stage we have not made a final decision regarding what will be played on NYE this year, but we've taken your suggestion on board!

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Couldn't agree more CJ.

We need 5 weeks of retro. Actually if I had an hour per week on ABC 2 I would be relatively content - it's the 48 week wait from the start of Feb that kills me. Just look at Rage this week, full of hip hop crap.

I like all the Aussie music suggestions you made for Oz Music month on rage - looks like half my YouTube channel there. Unfortunately I don't think Rage have any of that.

Arvo - Oriental Exotique is a great clip of which I only have a copy from an episode of Sounds and had only discovered it about a year ago. I only knew Picture In The Paper, their second single from 1985, and it wasn't all that good but was amazed when I saw their debut which is fantastic. Deborah Gray, who did the vocals with this Sydney band, really does look exotic in the clip.

Overall the one thing I had been wanting to see for years, either on DVD or in retro month, was the TV series Sweet & Sour. Finally, thanks to an amazing friend, I have the entire 20 episode series now - taped off TV in 1984. Even if Rage play none of my Countdown/Rock Arena suggestions I won't complain - I have found my holy grail.

Re: rage goes retro, 2012


OMG, you have Arvo with Oriental Exotique video???

PLEASE, can I BEG for a copy?!

I loved it in the 80s, it was such a stunning track and the video has all clothing supplied by Katie Pye whom I love!

I saw yesterday that you have Sweet & Sour episodes on your channel. I MUST watch them this weekend!!!

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Have put Arvo on YouTube

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Yep I saw :-)

I need a burnt dvd copy DESPERATELY!!! :-(

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

@ Guru

I do love the track 'Picture In The Paper' and I have the 12"... of it PLUS their full album on vinyl plus the 12"... of my very loved of theirs FAV Oriental Exotique. BIG FAN of theirs, so fantastique!

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

I have finally at long last posted by Countdown episode requests on the Rage forum.

Took me long enough but I've been so busy lately only now has been ok for me to do something. Anyway hope I can get some of my choices played - although I think some of mine are the same as others so there should be more chance of them being aired with any luck.

Hope to see lots of suggestions for unrepeated Countdowns this year!

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Hi Patrick, I did a post a week or so ago saying 'heres to some Eurogliders hosted episodes' for Jan '12'. I know your list features a couple of these episodes.

Guru, how do I get to your YouTube channel to watch the 'Sweet & Sour' episodes? (you little beauty! )

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Guru's channel :-)

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Many Thanks

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

Just watched the first episode and I am definitely in for a real treat in the next couple of weeks. Can't thank you enough for getting hold of all the episodes and putting them up for all to enjoy. I've got my laptop hooked up to the big screen telly via HDMI cable. Cheers.

Re: rage goes retro, 2012

I know Michael,

I feel the same way. SUCH a TREAT!!!