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Aria Singles Chart

Can you believe there are only 3 Australian singles in the Top 50 chart this week? That is a f@#&!$ disgrace. Gone are the days when about a third of the singles in the Top 50 were Australian. I think all the young kids are spending all their money on 'Party Rock Anthem' - which I think is the worst song of the year and so far the decade. At least Gotye is still No.1.

Re: Aria Singles Chart

A nadir that simply cries out for a readdressing. If there was a "Countdown" type TV show then the time is surely now for one.

Re: Aria Singles Chart

That's because today's hit music radio stations was changed with any type of music includes urban pop and the ARIA singles chart was changed from physical to both physical and digital which it's means download from any music website includes iTunes. I wish Australian rock and pop music, rock music and love song ballads should be back on today's hit music radio stations and the ARIA singles chart shortly soon.

Re: Aria Singles Chart

I haven't followed the charts for quite a few years now... But when I did, it didn't bother me really whether there was Australian content or not - as long as I thought the music was good. There were some lulls in the past - e.g. from memory there were only about 4 or 5 singles by 'Australian' artists (using the term loosely, so the likes of Dannii - whose music was completely made in the UK - was counted) in the top 50-60 of 1993. Though I thought it was an awful year for music generally.

Re: Aria Singles Chart

Yeah, I guess it's just disheartning that the Oz artists that are in the charts today are usually acts that have only had a couple years of success, very young and would probably disappear by this time next year. It's a shame that once you're over 40 you stop having chart success, but then that's probably radios fault -they keep playing their earlier work...and can you believe that 'Party Rock Anthem' has sold almost 600,000 copies in Australia! Anyway, enough on this topic.