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Iva to program Rage?

The following tweets are on the Rage website:

# Busy day at rage HQ... just about to shoot Iva Davies from Icehouse! about 21 hours ago
# Don't worry, we would never harm dear Iva! By "shoot" we mean "film" ! about 21 hours ago

Hopefully I am reading them correctly and he will GP Rage.

Re: Iva to program Rage?

I think you're right. I will be more keen to listen to Iva's commentaries, than see his video picks. I guess we'll get a Flowers/Icehouse special after his programming. D a m n, and just right after the DVD was released!

Re: Iva to program Rage?

Yeah, a bit of a let down now that you can easily pick up (nearly) all of their videos on an official DVD release, but still, it will be interesting to see what videos Iva chooses.

Hopefully Rage airs 'No Promises' (international version) and 'Taking the Town', so I can capture them in letterboxed 4:3 rather than the full 16:9 ratio they appear in on the DVD.

Re: Iva to program Rage?

Nathan, I have them all in proper 4.3 anyway from the Masterfile video. Do you have it?

Re: Iva to program Rage?

Um - ohnoitisnathan - you can always re-letterbox the clips from the DVD, if you seriously really want to do that. Lots of software can do it. No need to capture it from rage (complete with watermark!).

I hope rage play the original 'Glam' but they may not have it in their library (unless Iva gave them a copy of his original!!)

Anyway - what Icehouse videos are missing from the DVD? I know of none.

Re: Iva to program Rage?

Clip Magnet
Anyway - what Icehouse videos are missing from the DVD? I know of none.

Great Southern Land '89 (same song, different video) and Great Southern Land '94 (re-recorded song, new video)