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Deconstruction of the Icehouse DVD

OK, I couldn't wait and bought this DVD this afternoon. I read the disc using MyDVDedit and this reveals:

* The disc is not encrypted, which is unusual. And no Macrovision either.
* Coded for all regions except Region 7.
* The video format is PAL, Interlaced.
* The Aspect presentation is 16:9 Auto Pan & Scan. What this means is that on a 16:9 screen, all content is presented full frame. On a 4:3 screen, the sides will be chopped off (assuming your DVD player conforms with the DVD standard and respects the Disc setting for Aspect).
* All 4:3 clips are actually pre-encoded with "Pillarboxing" to make it 16:9 fullframe. This will cause a 25% reduction in horizontal resolution. All clips which were originally 4:3 Letterboxed have been cropped and scaled to make them 16:9 fullframe. This will cause slight blurriness.
* What this all means is that on a 16:9 screen, all content will appear as expected - 4:3 clips will have black pillarboxing, and 16:9 clips will fill the screen. However, on a 4:3 screen the "widescreen" clips will have their sides chopped off. This may annoy some viewers with 4:3 screens.
* There are 2 titles on the disc - one to play each clip and return to the menu, and one to play all clips one after the other.
* All clips have two audio tracks, both AC3. One is Stereo (2/0) and one is Surround (3/2).
* There is no hidden content on this disc. No hidden titles or chapters.

The only way to author a DVD with mixed-aspect ratio content and have it automatically present correctly on both 4:3 and 16:9 screens is to have each video clip as a separate "Title". The Aspect presentation setting can only be changed between Titles, it cannot be changed between chapters of the same title.

The 4:3 content needs to be pre-pillarboxed (as is done on this disc) and the Aspect presentation set to "16:9 auto pan&scan". On a 16:9 screen you see the pillarboxing, and on a 4:3 screen the pillarboxing would be chopped off and all you would see is the fullframe 4:3.

The 16:9 clips should have the Aspect presentation set to "16:9 auto letterbox". They present normally on 16:9 screens, but the clip would be automatically letterboxed if presented on a 4:3 screen.

So because this disc has all the content in one Title, the Aspect presentation setting is fixed for the entire disc, and the above cannot be done. Result: viewers on 4:3 screens will miss the sides of the 16:9 clips.

There you go. More than you ever wanted to know.

Re: Deconstruction of the Icehouse DVD

Mmmm sounds like Nathan needs to redo the DVD for all of us!

Re: Deconstruction of the Icehouse DVD

Hi Clipmagnet

Are you able to give me an email as I am hoping to ask you some questions regarding authoring DVD Titles, you sound like you know a lot.