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Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Is any copy of Icehouse-Masterfile 32 Promo Clips 2 DVD Iva Davies from and made by Music Video Studios Tas here at any record fair or any music shop that have unofficial 'bootleg' DVDs of music artists and bands, specials, concerts and television shows for collectors like me? I need a copy of it after my sister and I lost a bid of it on eBay.

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Don't worry about it Nicholas. He lists a copy just about every week - just check under completed listings.

I believe Icehouse will release a DVD soon as I was unable to get the U-Matic master copy of the My Obsession clip as the seller said he was contacted by Icehouse as that was the only video that the band did not have so he gave it to them.

Iva Davies retained the rights to all his music so even though he released through several labels he does maintain the rights to everything. The 2 compilation videos that were released (Great Southern Land and Masterfile) were done by record labels and Iva may have prevented them from using any of the material from the Man Of Colours album.

I did get both versions of Crazy and Man Of Colours so it will be interesting to see whether they use both on any DVD if it is to eventuate.

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Hi Nicholas

I also have all 32 promo clips from Icehouse, I have also chnaged all the VHS audio to CD Audio, my clips are probably better than musicvideostudios, as I have given him a few myself as a trade. He has given me a couple of his that I don't have. I certainly wouldn't pay $50.00 on ebay for the DVD.

If you would like i can do up one for you for free and you can always let me know what you think?

Just email me if you want one?

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Thanks for reply, Guru. We try our best.

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Better videos than mine .. i would love to see that

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

Thank you very much, Lee, that's very generous but my sister just won the item from musicvideostudiostas on ebay for me so I'll wait and see what they're like!

Re: Icehouse Masterfile unoffical DVD

No problems Nicholas, I can tell you that musicvideostas has the best audio restoration going around, i can tell you that is the honest truth. I don't have a clue on how to remaster audio, but my actual video quality would probably be on par.
As i said there is no way I can afford $50.00 for a DVD, but I am really glad that you guys managed to get one, as it certainly is a very valuable asset. Icehouse is probably the best Aussie band of the 80's.