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Hi Guys

I have decided to start up my youtube channel again, and if anybody is interested in taking a look at any 80's videos then I will be posting these onto my page.

It won't be all nice and colourful like Jason's but there will be plenty of videos shortly.

Over the next few days I shall be trying to put up about 5-10 videos per day.

There will be a mix of Aussies and overseas artists.


Re: Youtube

Hi Lee
Looking forward to seeing some rare 80's vids

Jason, what is the link to your site?

Re: Youtube

Hi Michael

The link is this one


Keep tuned there will be more on there

Re: Youtube

Good idea to go with the multiple channels option. I'm up to OhNoItIsNathan13 now Sticking with (usually) 20 videos per channel. I don't get as many views as I used to when all of my videos were on one channel, but I've only had 1 copyright strike on one of the channels so far. You've got to register each account with a different email address though (I create a new yahoo one just for the purpose of registering, then never check it again), because if one channel gets banned, every channel signed up with that email address also does.

Re: Youtube

Thanks Heaps Nathan, I might just try more accounts.

I didn't know you were up to 13, I better get subscribing then

Re: Youtube

Thanks Lee, but it was Jason's site I was after also.

Re: Youtube

Hey Michael,

I have TWO You Tube's:

NO.01 is my general one which I use often and have uploaded video's on PLUS all my Favourites *


NO.02 is my countdownmemories one which has all my interviews and Countdown Performances in Favourites *


Re: Youtube

Thanks Heaps Nathan, I might just try more accounts.

I didn't know you were up to 13, I better get subscribing then

I did it because, after this time, I honestly don't think I could be bothered re-uploading hundreds of videos again if another channel of mine with hundreds of videos was banned again. It's taken me nearly 18 months to get around to re-uploading about 60% of my previous channel's contents. I've added some 'new' videos along the way here and there.