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Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

In an effort to find out which Countdown episodes people would like to see that have never been shown on Rage Retro, I am asking anyone who is interested to name their favourite unrepeated episodes.

The following is a list of 1987 Countdowns that have never been shown on Rage. The episode details can be found in the "Countdown Archives" section of this site. Please select any 3 in the order of your preference for votes towards 1987 episodes.

542 February 22 1987 David Reyne
543 March 1 1987 Dave Stewart (Eurythmics)
545 March 15 1987 Cockroaches
546 March 22 1987 Chantoozies
547 March 29 1987 Mondo Rock
548 April 5 1987 Paul Young
549 April 12 1987 Peter O’Brien (actor Flying Doctors)
550 April 16 1987 Molly (from Underground disco)
551 April 26 1987 Hoodoo Gurus, Suzi Quatro and Dave Dobbyn
552 May 3 1987 Molly (Georgia Satellites interview)
553 May 10 1987 Jason Donovan
556 May 31 1987 Painters & Dockers
557 June 7 1987 Molly (live bands intro next segment)
558 June 14 1987 Warwick Capper (Sydney Swans footballer)
559 June 21 1987 Greedy Smith and Red Symons
560 June 28 1987 Dave Dobbyn
561 July 5 1987 Jenny Morris

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

My three 1987 requests are:

HOST: Chantoozies. REASON: I love this group and want to see how they fare hosting the show, plus some of the clips on this one sound great.

HOST: Paul Young. REASON: Paul Young has always sounded like an interesting person to interview and I want to see how he goes hosting the show.

HOST: Molly. REASON: I've asked for this one for ages. This is the one where he hosts from the Underground Disco and chats with some Boy George fans. Thought this would be interesting to see from a social historical perspective.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

I suspect that I will have quite a few similarities to your suggestions Patrick when I get around to it.

Depending on whether there are enough other replies to make an actual list, if that doesn't eventuate I will see where we match and make a play for those episodes.

All that is still a long way off as I usually submit suggestions around August so will wait a bit to see if there are others with specific interest in certain episodes. If not then I can only assume others don't care what they get so we may as well request some of the better remaining episodes rather than get random selections.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

I'd support the Chantoozies one (though any 1987 episodes would be alright with me).

15/3/1987 - has the videos for Stacey Q's 'We Connect' & Bananarama's 'A Trick of the Night'. I have fairly decent copies of these, but would be interesting to see on Countdown. Also has Mel & Kim's 'Showing Out', which is probably the first (or one of the first) times they aired on Oz TV. Studio performance of Chantoozies 'Witch Queen' (yes, this is on one of the Countdown DVDs already...). Also has Billy Idol interview.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

22/03/1987 - CHantoozies host which I MUST see!
Also *** THIS SHOW CONSISTING OF ELABORATE GRAPHICS,RAP MUSIC,ELECTRONIC SOUNDS AND DICTATORIAL COMMENTARY (That sounds interesting to me)! *** ALSO this episode features the short interview with Molly and Pete Burns about "Something In my House" PLUS a feature on Boy George and Alex Sadkin (Amazing producer with Boom Crash Opera)...

29/03/1987 - I want this strictly for the Talk That Walk studio performance of ;Perfect Tension" which features Tony from Pseudo Echo on guitar. AMAZING, AMAZING track and GREAT performance, MUST HAVE! Molly also talks about how radio is ignoring Boy George's new single PLUS Mondo Rock in the studio with FAB Boy George fans :-)

07/06/1987 - Heartbeat UK video for "Jump To It" (Jon Moss band from Culture Club with a FAB track and COOL video!) Also features Shona Lang live in the Countdown studio and clips from Lisa Lisa and Robbie Nevel with Domino's!

There are 3 other shows that I only want for one performance for one and a video clip for the other and a video for the other so um yeah :-(

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

And finally my 3 for '87:

1. 15/3/87 - Chantoozies 'Witch Queen', Cockroaches 'She's the One', Stacey Q 'We Connect', Boy George 'Everything I own', Cattletruck 'Leave Me'

2. 31/5/87 - Painters and Dockers hosting + doing 'Nude School' live, Mel & Kim 'Showing out & Respectable', Breakfast Club 'Right on Track', Bon Jovi 'Wanted Dead or Alive'

3. 22/2/87 - Chantoozies again 'Witch Queen', The The 'Infected', Simply Red 'The Right Thing', Alison Moyet 'Is this Love?', Ganggajang 'Initiation', Dead or Alive 'Something in my house'

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns


2. 31/5/87 - Painters and Dockers hosting + doing 'Nude School' live, Mel & Kim 'Showing out & Respectable', Breakfast Club 'Right on Track', Bon Jovi 'Wanted Dead or Alive'

I'd back up this one too. Did Mel & Kim ever do a 'Hi we're Mel & Kim and you're watching Countdown'-type thing?

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Chantoozies for me also....mmmmmm

David Reyne, and Hoodoo Gurus the other.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

I would have to go with David Reyne (22/2/87) since this is probably the closest thing we will get to Sweet and Sour and the content of this show is good too! It's a bit of a toss up for others, do I go with a host or the content? Some hosts make the show and some are duds. Being a Eurythmics fan, I would like to see the episode with Dave Stewart hosting, but he isn't really an out there personality, so it could be boring. However, if Annie was co-hosting with Dave, it would be a must see episode. BTW - where was she when Dave was doing his Countdown duties? I know this would have been at the time of their Revenge tour in Oz. I will check out all the other '87 episodes in the archives section and will post a Top 3 list soon.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

1/3/1987 Hosted Dave Stewart with Cockroaches, Spy v Spy, Models, Reels and The Pony live and clips from Kissing The Pink, Stacey Q, The ****ed and Heaven 17

16/5/1987 Hosted by Jason Donovan but despite that has Jump Incorporated and Cattletruck live plus rarer clips from Big Pig - Boy Wonder, Wa Wa Nee - One And One, Man 2 Man, Paul Lekakis, Carmel, Dance Like A Mother, Freddie Mercury, Level 42, Noiseworks and Pretenders. Also a message from Boy George thanking Australian fans.

22/3/1987 hosted by Chantoozies. Nothing amazing about the clips but the show consists of "elaborate graphics, rap music, electronic sounds and dictatorial commentary" which turned me off Countdown in early 1987 so I am curious as to whether I have mellowed to this. Contains some interesting interviews even if the clips fail to inspire.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Can someone please confirm if the 12/07/1987 Countdown with Mike Hammond and Kylie Minogue was the last countdown to air?... or was there another countdown on 19/07/1997 before the 1987 countdown awards. If this is the case, I've been tapeing countdown since 1996, and have never seen the 19/07/1987 edition of countdown, so in that sense, I would like to see it. Apparently some have noted it went to air in 1993, a time when I didn't even have my own VCR yet, so just curious?

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Hi Mark

I can confirm there most certainly was a regular Countdown episode shown before the 1987 Awards on 19/7/87.

It featured videos by Carol Hitchcock, The Party Boys, INXS, etc. Was a good show and ended with clips of Molly to the tune of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way'.

It gets a bit sad towards the end and I know I always get upset when I watch it - I'm getting emotional just thinking about it as I type even now!!!

So yes there most certainly was an episode shown on the final night and Rage aired it in 1993.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Apologies for stirring up some undesirable memories, it's just I know exactly what I was doing at the very moment the last countdown went to air, yet I actually didn't see it, I only heard it, hence I knew of it's existance.

You see I was staying two weeks up in my parents bungalow in the Blue Mountains at the time, this was pretty much against my will. My parents didn't want me to stay in sydney during the school holidays, because as an 18 year old by myself (my brothers were always out), my parents were of the belief of who knows what kind of mischief I would of got up to. Where I stayed, there was hardly any television reception and nothing to do, so it was listening to many Maxell cassette tapes, and taping of 2KA.

The two week school holidays were finished, and my mother and I drove back to our home in Sydney's south on that Sunday night 19th July. We only had one TV in the house at the time, I had just lost my bedroom TV, which went up to the mountains a few weeks earlier. This was supposedly punishment for not studying enough for my HSC, all now rather laughable in hindsight.

We arrived home halfway through the last episode of countdown. As I was unpacking my bag and putting clothes away and stuff back, I could hear the sounds of molly meldrum getting all sentimental. It wasn't until the last few moments of that episode, that I realised it was the last countdown ever. Yeah, hell I missed it, and even more upsetting, I'd never see countdown again. That was until I discovered the Rage repeats in early January 1997. And honestly that night back in July 1987, I was sick in the stomach.

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Oh I know,

I was sick in the stomach as well...

I was SO upset and didn't understand why my beloved Countdown had to end :-(

I always tell the story that after it ended for about 7 to 8 weeks I would tune into the ABC at 6PM every Sunday night just hoping it was ALL a BAD DREAM.

Unfortunately Countdown never was shown again un til the repeats in 1993!

Most of us have that final episode, I have it if you need it :-)

Re: Most Wanted 1987 Countdowns

Off the top of my head, my first choice would be episode 558 hosted by Warwick Capper simply because I'm a fan of his silly off field antics as they are funny and wonder what he would get up to in the Countdown studio as a host lol.

Also any episode featuring Party Boys "He's Gonna Step On You Again" in studio because that is a GREAT GREAT song to my opinion and the best version recorded as it's got real power vocally and musically!!!

And of course any episode featuring Painters & Dockers "Nude School" with them and the Countdown crew wearing piggy noses, it's so funny yet so cool!!!

BTW I've just finished doing all the Countdown episode guides including the 1987 season http://1970scountdown.atspace.com/1987.html , I'm gonna post a thread on this shortly.