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Mardi Gras special on Rage

I see that Rage ARE going to have a Mardi Gras special on 5 March! Fantastic and looks like it will be an ALL night special was well - great!

Not sure if they've got someone lined up to host it or not (would be brilliant if its Ignatius Jones as I suggested), but now would be a perfect time to get in those classic and rare clips everyone wants to suggest.

Although I'm still mourning the end of Retro for the year (and I will for the next 11 months!), I'm looking forward to this special.

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

Thank the lord for that! I thought there'd be nothing worthwhile for the next 11 months!

Let's hope they dig a little deeper than previous years and not just play the same old Weather Girls, RuPaul etc!

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

Yay . I just requested a bunch of clips in the existing thread on the Rage forum, started by Patrick. Rage probably don't have half/most of them, but it can't hurt to ask.

I thought the 2009 and 2010 mini-specials were really quite good, tending to focus on clips that Rage have never aired, or haven't aired for a very long time, rather than the cliched 'It's Raining Men', 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' etc. clips (nothing wrong with those, just they've been played on several previous Mardi Gras specials).

I'm sure Ignatius Jones would make an interesting host, but I'm actually hoping for a night of semi-obscure/forgotten wall-to-wall dance/pop trash

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

Yes, I'll be very interested in the format of it..there hasn't been an all night Mardi Gras Special since 2000 - fantastic!

I've put in a bunch of suggestions - I'm trying to put in rarely seen clips - although I'm sure many others will come up with some great ideas.

It's been ages since a Mardi Gras special has been on all night so I'd like it to be memorable and a GOOD one too !

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

I just put in a MEGA HUGE list of requests/suggestions for MArdi Gras night!

COuld it be that rage are actually doing a FULL Mardi Gras night without a host this year? :-)

I HOPE SO, it's been literally 11 years since a whole night of a Mardi Gras special.

Not as good as Rage Goes Retro in January's BUT a full night's programming is enough to keep me happy till next January!

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

> COuld it be that rage are actually doing a FULL Mardi
> Gras night without a host this year?

I hope so. Whilst some of the hosts for this special in previous years have been entertaining, several of the clips they chose don't really suit the theme.

Re: Mardi Gras special on Rage

Jason, I've got 2 different TOTP performances of Hazell Dean's 'Searchin', and 1 of 'Whatever I Do...'. I'd love to see the "video" (which was really just a Dutch (?) TV performance for 'Whatever I Do' on Rage though, but am not holding my breath. I've also got 'They Say It's Gonna Rain'. But digital copies (even with a watermark) would be nice.

I've got Boytronic's 'You', too, but it's in NTSC. Have Tiffany's 'Radio Romance' in PAL.

All are VHS sourced.