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retro 5 WOW

Off to bed now BUT ... WOW *** What a fabulous night!

Tonight and this morning was possibly THE best night of retro programming in January I have EVER seen!

SO beautiful :-)

Re: retro 5 WOW

Have to agree - the Countdowns were just all sensational (even though I had seen 2 of the 4 before) - the 1985 Episode one was one of the better ones for that year as was the 1983.

The John Lennon videos are all widely available - not sure why Rage goes to so much trouble to license these (which they obviously must have done in this case as they would have to go to the same lengths in getting clearances as they would for any Beatle or post-Beatle peformance via Apple Records who have the most daunting copyright restrictions of any known company in the world!) - still enjoyable viewing all the same. Sherbert/Sherbs fans would have been pleased with the showing of some good material there.

For Hitscene fans waiting up to 3.03am such as me- major disappointment - this show was a repeat as it was shown in Retro Season in 2003. Time to re-educate them about what they have already shown in the Hitscene department. Silly repeating shows when they have shown around 12 only in the whole History of Retro - maybe more than that as it was on Rage every week back for 2-3 years in the early 00's.

Re: retro 5 WOW


Long time viewer first time poster.

Hear hear, great show last night - I'm still going through it now, still got the 16/8/81 and 20/11/83 eps to go which I'm sure will be great.

The only minor quibbles from my POV were the lack of Flashez/GTK and the repeated Hitscene. I seem to recall though when this ep was played in 2003 it was dated 'July 3rd 1970' and not 'March 7th' which is more likely - the date gremlins strike again.

BTW for those who may be unaware as they're only 10 mins you can view several GTK eps on youtube (EntertainmentOnABC)

Loved Retros 4 and 5, made up for 1,2 and 3 - shame there won't be another 'Retro 5' until 2015 - not to mention another 'Retro 1' until 2012.


Re: retro 5 WOW

Retro 5 certainly was very good indeed. The 1980 ep I found rather dull although I enjoyed Elton's catty commentary - he's always very interesting to listen to.

The 1985 Time Bandits one was great - although I will still persist with the 24/3/85 Spandau Ballet ep as it looks FANTASTIC - I will NOT give up trying to get Rage to play it!

Last night’s Ignatius Jones episode was great! Didn’t he look fantastic in his swanky leather suit – loved it! I could only marvel at how big the shoulder pads were! I really love his sardonic sarcastic wit – certainly the type of humour I get. I loved his comments about the Nolans – highly amusing. The Jimmy and the Boys performance was great too – short but sweet and Joylene did look a pretty picture by the keyboard!

Speaking of The Nolans, it was great Rage FINALLY played an episode featuring them – I think it’s the first time I’ve seen them at all during Retro. I’m in the Mood for Dancing is a great song too – but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen it performed by a line-up of drag queens – which I did at a certain nightclub awhile ago - quite stunning and a sight to behold!

This episode showed how versatile Countdown was. From Rose Tattoo, The Nolans, Jona Lewie, etc., there was something for everyone.

Seeing the Cure was fantastic as well – Primary is such a dark and dangerous sounding tune. The bass player looked very fetching in make up as well – a pleasure to watch.

The 1983 ep was GREAT! Loved the Tim and Debbie segment at Molly's house - the ABC MUST release Australia You're Standing In It on DVD NOW! I'm quite obsessed with 82/83 Countdowns and seeing this one was great. I also loved Melissa Manchester's performance - I remember her song very well and the production on it was fantstic.

All up a great night – now all we have to do is ensure we get MORE of this type next year!!

Re: retro 5 WOW

Totally agree Patrick on all fronts. I have said before that Ignatius was one of the best presenters Countdown ever had. This 1981 episode is magnificent. Only small problem was that I had already seen it. I really want Rage to play other unaired Ignatius-hosted shows - there are a couple more.

The 1985 episode would rank amongst the best for that year - apart from the following weeks show. We need to pester Rage till they show that one. It is a must for next Summer!! The 1983 show was also excellent.

Re: retro 5 WOW

Glad you really enjoyed it Jason after they had included 3 of my requests that I had made back in late August early September being:
Countdown May 17 1985 - Time Bandits
Countdown Nov 20 1983 - Split Enz
Rock Arena Sept 3 1985

I got hammered on here earlier when I had suggested the Rock Arena with Hunters & Collectors and the 1980 James Reyne hosted ep looking back at Countdown in the 70's (although my reason to help stop 70's repeats seemed to be accepted here, even if it didn't work out in reality). I think I was fortunate in getting 6 Countdowns out of 20 that I had put forward (plus 1/12/85 which I had nominated for 5 years along with Stu and CJ finally helped get over the line) getting aired due to the boycott everyone else had put on because of the watermark. I remember when I posted them I was accused of being a weak fence sitter by "John" for not also boycotting Retro.

I will have to try again for the May 17 1981 hosted by Ignatius Jones next year, he really is a great host. Brett had also been after that. It contains an odd assortment of songs but should be a good ep to see if for nothing else than Ignatius in the chair. The one I want to see most from 1981 would have to be the Sheena Easton hosted show.

Last week I especially enjoyed the 1983 episode with Kids In The Kitchen and Split Enz, thinking it was great they chose a good episode for that year. As I was concentrating on the 1982 Eurogliders show for Patrick in Week 5, I hadn't even checked back on this show. Only just realised I had asked for this show on Sept 3 "Nov 20 1983 hosted by Split Enz - everything from Kids In The Kitchen to The Fixx". No wonder I enjoyed it - I love my own taste in music.

We should each compile lists of episodes we most want to see and see where we have a common bond and make the biggest play for those shows.

I got 2 suggested Suzanne Dowling Rock Arenas shown this year that I was really happy with, particularly after we had none last year. One had Hunters & Collectors live which I liked but the general consensus was very much against it, and the Sept 3 1985 episode with more general clips that seemed more popular. Since the live studio performances do not seem too popular with others on this forum I will refrain for suggesting another next year, although I still maintain they are great. Next year I would like to make a stronger play for the Rock 'n' Roll Girls - Sharon O'Neill episode as it got the thumbs up from about 7 people.

Re: retro 5 WOW


Countdown May 17 1985 - Time Bandits
Countdown Nov 20 1983 - Split Enz
Rock Arena Sept 3 1985


WOW, retro 5 was almost all programmed by you, no wonder it was THAT good :-)

Re: retro 5 WOW

Ah so Guru YOU were the one responsible for suggesting the 1983 ep last week!

Well I congratulate you on a very fine job - it was a BRILLIANT episode - I was in TOTAL awe of seeing Melissa Manchester - such a sublime song of hers. Also seeing Tim and Debbie tour Molly's house was fantastic too.

Congrats on getting so many of your requests aired - I'll have to borrow your successful formula!

Seriously, yourself, Jason and others suggested FANTASTIC Countdowns this year and the unaired ones shown this year were mostly great - except for the 1980 eps which I find quite dull!

Yes, we should try to get together a bit better in terms of asking for particular episodes we want to see - that way some 'must see' eps can get a bigger chance of an airing.

ALL of you did a great job this year with your selections and I look forward to what we come up with for next time!

Re: retro 5 WOW


rage seemed to pay attention to Guru and I and I am VERY pleased!

Thank goodness Guru suggested the 1983 as Melissa Manchester and Tim & Debbie were just SUBLIME!

As was 1985 with Time Bandits!

I am SO glad still that rage also played the 1981 Ski in Mt Bulla episode for me as I FINALLY have "Waiting" by Dugites!

And we both got the September 1st, 1985 with Electric Pandas "Missing Me" :-)

Thank goooodness Guru asked for Rock Arena from Septhember 3rd, 1985 as well as it seriously was IMMACULATE to the extreme *****