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More ramblings on the rage Messageboard

Date/Time 25 Jan 2011 4:15:43pm
Subject Re: Egad sounds like mor boring eps in store this week

Of course your going to agree with each other.No surprise to me.

3 shows you mention from the seventies WOW and Ive been catered to... right.

The balance last week was in favor of eighties and of course you are going to praise the programmers for that.Nice manipulation again.


It's interesting that this person is just NOT getting the point, simple and plain!

This person actually thinks we just praise rage simply because they play 80s Countdown's. If even 2 out of the 4 80s episodes played last week were repeated 80s episodes (take for example Culture Club 1984)... That episode has now been played 2 times on rage SO we wouldn't just be pleased because rage are playing ANY 80s Episodes, would we ! ! !

The fact of the matter is that we praised rage for retro 4 BECAUSE they played FOUR un repeated Episodes PERIOD! And took time to actually pick episodes that have NOT been played since there original air date.

And also balanced 60s and 70s into the mix. And at least when playing 70s rage dug deeper to play things that are RARE as ever like that concert from 1975!!!

At least we are logical unlike Retro man who is just NOT getting what any of us are trying to say at all!

Re: More ramblings on the rage Messageboard

Retro Man comes across to me as a little child that's not getting precisely what he wants and is chucking some serious tantrums!

I have been known to have a tantrum now and then, but realise at the same time there will be compromise and trade off and you may have to accept only a small amount of what you want during retro month.

Re: More ramblings on the rage Messageboard

Having just read the latest posting from Retroman in the Rage guestbook myself this is a bit over the top!!

Why does he not wait & see what 70's clips are being played first as the fact they are playing some clips -(as well as the 60's) are mentioned in the speil on the site anyway - before casting any final judgements.

And posting the full list of 70's clips Rage have in their library - as if - the Rage guestbook is going to allow any of us to post that even if we did have all the information - the postings are restricted by space for a start, not to mention the hundreds of song entries that would be required!!

I think people will start to become riled by this latest posting as it is simply throwing more fuel on the fire - I have tried to be conciliatory about the postings of Jimmy in here to some degree but Retroman on the Rage guestbook is another matter altogether - he is getting way out of hand.

I also will not waste any more time with this guy. It is counter-productive and as this is the last week of Retro month anyway, definitely not worth the hassle. I will say no more on this matter - I am done.

Re: More ramblings on the rage Messageboard

This guy must be a total dip stick. I don't understand what all the fuss is, there is not all that much 70s material available in the first place, most of it has been deleted.

Re: More ramblings on the rage Messageboard

And that is just the simple facts - a lot of great 70's material just does not exist any more. And for an even bigger 60's fan as I am the situation is even worse - it could drive a person to tears!!

I will be fighting hard to get some more 70's film clips and segments played on Rage - especially armed with some more segment tape information that I have now. But that is all for a later time.