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Star Wars Disco Theme on Countdown

I wonder if the Snippet of People Dancing to the Disco Version of the Star Wars Theme on Countdown is still around? It might be a hidden gem on a U-Matic Tape somewhere? Because ABC wiped the Master Tape, it could a Segment Tape Somewhere in the Archives.

Re: Star Wars Disco Theme on Countdown

As it was used for the End of Decade special obviously it existed in its entirety at the end of 1979.

After that, well we all know most of the 70's eps were wiped, but I'm unsure whether that specific bit is on a segment tape.

I'd love to see that full Star Wars dance routine clip - if it exists I'd probably ask for it for a Wildcard special - if Rage has another one.

Of course it always helps to keep your eyes peeled for any old U-Matic tapes - you just never know what may be on them.

I live in hope more old 70's Countdowns are found this way, although I'm unsure what the life-span is for U-Matic tapes - the sooner some are found the better methinks.

Re: Star Wars Disco Theme on Countdown

Hi Patrick,

Videotape in any format if stored well can last a while but it can act like any other tape - mistreatment and other factors can certainly accelerate the end of it's useful life. The tape is a bit wider than VHS and Betamax (3/4 inch versus 1/2 inch) but again if not stored and cared for correctly it can be quite a task getting stuff off this format.

U-matic is also like the old 2 inch tapes - there were lo-band and hi-band configurations. If you play a u-matic tape recorded in hi-band on a lo-band machine, it'll play back in black and white. So it's quite important to find a machine to match the configuration of the tape.