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Would have to be my best episode so far this season (although I still have to watch 1/12/85 & 12/7/81). This kiked a r s e. The 1980 episodes are very flat compared to 1985. '85 vids were great and the songs - very pop orientated.

Quite a few songs on this that I haven't even heard/seen before. I used to hate 'Summer of '69', but it has been one of my fave songs in the last few years. Also, I think 'Reckless' was one of the best albums of 1985.

Once again a great episode and good work Jason! and others.

Re: 1/9/1985

'twas a good one Michael!

Re: 1/9/1985

Something I found interesting in this one was the Huey Lewis clip 'The Power of Love'.

I've never seen clips from the Back to the Future film put into the video for that before - and I've seen the Huey Lewis tune zillions of times so to see this was a rarity.

I wonder if Countdown put the film clip in especially or whether it was an early version of the video? Was very interesting to see a slightly different version of it.

Re: 1/9/1985

Patrick - that was something else I forgot to point out too re 'The Power Of Love' video clip. It must have been a promo promo video clip? 1 to flog the movie and the other regular video to flog just the song and band.

Re: 1/9/1985

That's why it caught my eye - I have never seen that version before ever - it's not even on the offical Back to the Future DVD. If it was going to be on something it would have been on that one surely and not the regular Huey Lewis version?

That's the reason why I wondered if Countdown did that especially or it was a version that has since been deleted? I know it's only a minor thing but I found that quite a find.