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Retro 4

That was the best 4 hours I have spent in a long time with that Back-To-Back Countdown marathon - the way they used to do it in the mid to late 90's.

Fantastic episode from Mt Buller which had the clip for Dugites - I had never seen that before.

I wonder if someone at the ABC is going to get their butt kicked for playing Beatles, maybe they didn't realise that Stars On 45 was a Beatles dance mix. Thank god they played it and didn't edit it out.

They ended up naming Dec 1 1985 as Dec 10 1985, fortunately it was the right episode. The Real Life performance was brilliant. Dec 10 1985 was a Tuesday.

Also appreciate that the Rage logo and date mostly appeared on talking segments or common clips and didn't effect the clips I was really interested in.

Re: Retro 4

I'm up bright and early and ready to see the night's programming as taped on my beautiful HDD.

But I can answer something you've said Guru - the Stars on 45 song - while it does have an abundance of Beatles songs in it, none of it was sung by them. It was actually Swedish session singers who sang the entire song - so there would be no actual Beatles copyright problems in that regard as Stars on 45 only borrowed their songs, not their voices.

Ok off to watch 4 hrs of Countdown - here I go!...

Re: Retro 4

The Countdowns were great last night. The 1985 eps were fantastic. I was especially interested in seeing the sections dealing with the Priority One initiative. Was a good symetry on Rage's part to show this considering they aired the 10th Anniversary special in Week 1 which launched it (even if it was a 4th time repeat - but I digress!)

I was amused at the awkward delivery from Bob Hawke in introducing the Oz Top 5. I'd love to know what the outcome was for Priority One - then again since the youth of today STILL have troubles maybe not much worked. Seeing the ad for it was interesting and I loved how it showed the link between music and general youth issues quite well.

I also laughed at the bizarre explanation Molly gave for the reason for the Incredible Penguins single Happy Xmas (War is over). So it was created to save penguins? How noble.....and strange - especially considering that year most charity singles were aimed at the African crisis.

Overall though a great night and I hope next week is just as good.

Re: Retro 4

There was a Priority One concert. I recorded Pseudo Echo's performance from it. God knows where it is now. I wonder if it was on the ABC. I posted on the rage messageboard asking if they had it but got no reply.
Be good to see it again.