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Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!


Another interviwew I have with Sam from Beargarden and The Ears is confimed. I am delighted!

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

Another interview that should be interesting. Not many obscure musicians inspire films about their lives but Dogs In Space starring Michael Hutchence was based on Sam's life while sharing a house with Richard Lowenstein in Richmond in the late 70's and early 80's. I was hoping Rage would play a Beargarden clip last year when Richard programmed Rage, but we did get an Ears clip.

After Beargarden broke up in 1986, a few of the members including Sam, Gus and Carl formed The Index in 1987 - although I know nothing about them (would have to check out my copies of Juke to see if they are mentioned).

In the last 20 years I think Sam has been writing plays and acting and is not involved with music anymore.

Ask him if he has the clip for Drink Drink Drink. I still think that was one of the Top 10 Australian synth rock songs of the 80's. You have probably seen the clips I put together for it on YouTube (7" and 12" versions) using the small snippet that we have from a Humdrum segment.

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

Fear NOT Guru,

I was intending to ask Sam about trying to obtain a copy of "Drink Drink Drink" as I want it badly as do you.

And of course I ahve seen your clips for Drink Drink Drink with segments repeated, you got that video from one of my timer code copies (remember?)...

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

Woo Hoo
I have found a clip of Drink Drink Drink being performed live on Hey Hey It's Saturday around February 1986. It's not the actual video - which I'm still chasing - but it is a great live performance.

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

HEy hey It's Saturday performance!

And yes, I willa sk :-( Can i PLEASE have a copy?????


Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

You can certainly have a copy but I have a whole lot of other things to do first which I am months behind on. I still have to complete trades with about 9-10 people, some of them quite large (the trades, not the people).

There are quite a lot of Hey Hey clips on these tapes that I am going through from Pseudo Echo, Dear Enemy, Venetians, Wa Wa Nee, Uncanny X-Men, Boom Crash Opera etc. Kids In The Kitchen perform Place To Go which was only an album track.

There is also a lot of Sounds and Countdown material. Some of the Countdown material comes from episodes that have not been repeated on Rage featuring Oz acts such as No Nonsense - Hawaii Five-0, Talk That Walk - Surface Tension etc. There is footage of Dear Enemy, No Nonsense and Dynamic Hepnotics performing at Telethon '84, local concerts featuring Pseudo Echo at the Myer Music Bowl - all sorts of stuff.

Anyhow, they are not going anywhere, it will just take time.

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!


I PERFECTLY understand :-) Belive me!

I ahve so much to do not only of my own BUT for others and it is So stressful!

I can wait, just got So excited when I saw that you at least found a copy of Drink Drink Drink in some form or another!

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

I have found the copy of Drink Drink Drink live on Hey Hey. While looking for it I also found The Finer Things also live on Hey Hey plus an interview that Sam did for Beatbox which is unfortunately a bit edited.

I phoned Sam and he was excited that the footage existed as the band had lost all their copies in a fire and another guy who had archival material lent it to Richard Lowenstein during the filming of Dogs In Space and it got lost at some point there, so there is little surviving on Beargarden or Ears.

I may well still find more material but have made copies of these and mailed to Sam and yourself. Sam said they were on Hey Hey 3 times so I am guessing I Write The News was also amongst their appearances, and hopefully I will unearth that also.

2 further clips from Kids In The Kitchen on Hey Hey had Scott in a wheelchair for Something That You Said and on crutches for Shine - what a soldier.

Re: Sam Sejavka interview confirmed!

I have the Hey hey "I Write The News" performance