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Graeme Bonnet Warm Ride Promo Clip/Countdown performance

Whilst on the subject of promo video clips, one clip which was shown on Countdown but for which the master copy has disappeared off the face of the earth is the fantastic Graeme Bonnet track “Warm Ride” – a major hit in Australia in 1978. As it amazingly did not chart anywhere else in the world, this has become one of the most desirable clips to obtain of all time!!

I know it exists on the very poor quality recovered July 1978 Countdown hosted by Jon English, but this does not count as 4th generation videotape makes it totally unwatchable. Someone must have a better quality copy somewhere!!

Also long gone is Graeme’s hosting of Countdown later in 1978, in which he performed (mimed) the song in the studio – another sadly lost episode. This and the Meatloaf-hosted show of 1978 probably remain the greatest losses of all those Countdowns that were tragically wiped.

Interestingly, another rare Graeme Bonnet promo clip has turned up on the recent Nightmoves DVD release.

But does anyone, anywhere have a copy of the “Warm Ride” promo clip???

Re: Graeme Bonnet Warm Ride Promo Clip/Countdown performance

Brett, I saw a bit of Warm Ride promo clip on television at the outside of a pizza restuarant but this clip was featured in a video jukebox from one of Australian video jukebox companies and it's still existed and for the name of another rare Graham Bonnet clip, the title name is Danny.